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Learn About Milbon, Premier Beauty’s Newest Brand


Clients want their hair to look beautiful - no matter it’s condition. Our newest brand, Milbon, believes that treatment products are the way to achieve that goal. Since 1965, Milbon’s mission has been helping people find, embrace, and express their individuality, and has helped stylists play a significant part in that.

Their hair care brand, backed by science and stylists alike, has everything a hairdresser would need to customize and transform the hair into a beautiful texture, thus allowing for the perfect cut, color, and style. It contains a Signature line—complete with six categories that tackle hair problems—an age-proof collection, a perm system, semi-permanent color, and straightening and smoothing treatments.

If we know anything about science, we know that it’s all about testing. Milbon has partnered with stylists for more than 50 years to create products that are as innovative as they are scientific. By collaborating with stylists in product development stages—stylists who have worked with thousands of clients—they deconstruct and standardize techniques and treatments that genuinely work for customers. Let’s break down how each of Milbon’s categories can benefit a salon.

Milbon Signature

The Signature line is unique in the fact that their conditioners are called treatments. Since they contain restorative properties and improve hair with repeated use, Milbon chose to change the wording to communicate better on what the product does. Milbon heavily focuses on backbar services, which are called treatments as well, so a client can make the connection between what was used at the backbar and what they need to take home to get the same result.


Repair and reconstruct the hair with this professional four-step deep conditioning treatment and home care collection, complete with Restorative Blowout Primer. Learn how to perform the professional treatment for Repair to strengthen and rebuild severely damaged, over-processed hair.


Eliminate frizz and define waves and curls with this lightweight three-step deep conditioning treatment, shampoo, treatment, and Humidity Blocking Oil. Perform the professional treatment with confidence after watching their tutorial and extend blowouts during the summer months.


The Volume collection from Milbon Signature focuses on at-home care. Fine flat, hair is quickly restored with this shampoo and treatment, complete with SSVR-Silk, Milbon’s silk-based complex that penetrates deep into the hair and fills in the gaps that make hair appear unhealthy for healthy hair from any angle.


Their professional three-step deep conditioning treatment imparts a silky, soft texture. This collection contains a shampoo and treatment, like the other collections, but offers a choice of two oils, one for fine hair and one for coarse hair.


Dull, dry, brittle, or porous hair gets help with this professional five-step deep conditioning treatment. It’s especially handy for hair that’s undergone repeated color services. Clients can take Step 6 home—a weekly booster—to enjoy a month’s worth of results. Make sure they don’t forget to take home the Weightless Replenishing Mist, too!


Milbon sampled more than 700 women from around the world to create these products. They found that most scalp problems like itchiness, dandruff, dryness, oiliness, and odor occurred when too many fatty acids were present in the sebum. Milbon developed the normalizing scalp care technology to remove excess fatty acids from the scalp and bring moisture and natural oils into a healthy balance.

Creative Style

Along with products to enhance the life of their professional Signature treatments, Milbon also has styling products like Dry Texturizing Spray, Wet Shine Gel Cream, and Hairspray with the numbers on the bottles representing the amount of hold.


Milbon's exclusive Plarmia collection utilizes botanical extracts paired with innovative technologies to revitalize and restore soft, shiny, younger-looking hair. Learn how to perform their professional Refining Hair Serum Treatment with this video tutorial from Milbon on YouTube.

Chemical Services

Prejume Wave Series

The Prejume professional wave perm system creates soft, bouncy curls and is ideal for adding body and movement. Curls can be easily loosened or enhanced with styling. Learn how to perform with this video tutorial.

Liscio Smoothing System

The Liscio professional straightening and smoothing system allows for a variety of finishes from sleek and straight to smooth and bouncy. Maintain the health and integrity of hair, while making hair more manageable with this formaldehyde-free formula. Apply the smoothing treatment with help from Milbon’s helpful video.

Farglan Semi-Permanent Color

Farglan is a professional semi-permanent color from Milbon that also conditions hair for enhanced shine. Available in 13 shades, this gentle formula is a healthy alternative to demi or permanent colors and is especially ideal for gray coverage.

Stylists are aware of how their customers need and desire to use the product. Milbon’s products encompass careful development to meet those needs. Shop Milbon at Premier Beauty and save 10% in January with the code Milbon10 at checkout.

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