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Product Knowledge


    LEARN.ME is an exclusive and adaptable tour into everything KEVIN.MURPHY. Think of these interactive classes as product insight and exploration. LEARN.ME is about understanding KEVIN.MURPHY the brand, Kevin Murphy the man, and everything that makes our product and culture so unique. We recommend you experience each of these virtual classes in the order of your preference.
    OUTCOMES: Take a deep dive into the REGIMENS. Learn why each of the KEVIN.MURPHY product families exist and for which clients to recommend them. Explore our digital tools and simplify the process of client conversations with our 1.2.3. language as well as develop a problem-solving mindset for your clients.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Salons and stylists new to the KEVIN.MURPHY range or any salon/stylist looking to revisit and renew their knowledge surrounding the brand.

    ADDITIONAL NOTES: Log in credentials will be sent to email on the account used to sign up for class. Class takes place in Central Standard Time.

  • NEUMA - Beyond the Bottle 2022

    As stylists, we want our clients to act as our billboard. With the right combination of product knowledge and communication, we can keep our clients looking gorgeous between services. Gain firsthand knowledge about the NEUMA brand to garner credibility and respect from your existing and future clients. Experience how these high-performance products promote healthy, beautiful hair. See what clean beauty really looks like and why it is important for you and your clients.

    OUTCOMES: Experience what performance without sacrifice really means and how it can enhance your abilities behind the chair.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Stylists interested in seeing the quality behind clean at NEUMA.

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    COURSE TYPE: Theory
    COURSE DURATION: 90 Minutes
    HOST: Lisa Button