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New Year, New Hair - Predicted Hair Trends in 2023


Every year, there seems to be a whole new shift in hair trends. Some are inspired by old trends, and some are a fresh new take on existing ones. The phrase new year, new me means something different to everyone but hair is a big part of this. That’s where hair salons come in. You are in the position to create new changes to a customer’s “new me.” There’s been so many new hair trends that they must be running out of names for them. For example, the octopus haircut… that’s a new one. Follow along to see all the predicted hair trends surfacing for 2023.

The latest ‘90s hair trends fueled by viral TikTok videos and celebrity sightings are not going anywhere. From “The Rachel” (after Jennifer Aniston’s Friends character) to the bob-pixie, showed off by Sarah Hyland and Kaia Gerber, the ‘90s are proving itself as the “comeback king/queen.”

Many of the predicted trends for 2023 are expected to be hybrids. "Clients now are more prone to come in with several inspiration pictures where they show us details in each picture that they would like for us to put together in one cut," says Sara Grandberger, hairstylist at Hairrari LA. This includes the mixie (a pixie and mullet hybrid) and the shaggy bowl cut (a shag and bowl haircut's child).

Copper Color

Copper hair color can’t be more popular at the moment. This hair color has been seen on many influential celebrities including Sydney Sweeney, Kendal Jenner, and Doja Cat. This trend allows people to get adventurous with their hair without a huge commitment.

90s Blonde Blowout

Not only is the 90s blowout hairstyle going to continue into 2023, but it is also predicted that golden shades of blonde will too. This “lived in root” can be achieved with a root smudge to simply blend existing highlights with the client’s natural color.

“Wednesday Adams bangs”

‘Wednesday Adams bangs’ have been trending on social media since the new Netflix show premiered. These bangs are full, yet feminine, giving you a bold and powerful look. For anyone who has had curtain bangs or has had to cut and style them, know it can be a challenge to get them to fall on the face perfectly. KEVIN.MURPHY FREE.HOLD styling crème is the perfect product to give the hair body and the ends a flexible hold.

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Photo Credits: Instagram|@sydney_sweeny & Instagram|@jennaortega

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