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Milbon Color Brand Story

About Milbon

Trusted by over 40,000 salons worldwide, Milbon has been partnering exclusively with salons and stylists for over 50 years. As the #1 professional haircare company in Japan with a rapidly expanding global footprint, they honor stylists for their expert skills, knowledge, and professionalism. Through their continuous collaboration with stylists, they can find ground-breaking solutions that push the boundaries of the haircare industry and the world of hair color. We are so excited to announce the addition of Milbon’s Sophistine Demi Color and Permanent Color to the Premier Family.


Comprised of 46 exquisite blonde, red and brunette shades in an innovative design of tonal groups, intensifiers and Clear.

SOPHISTONE Demi Color Takeaways:
• The Demi Color is an ammonia-free, deposit only, liquid gel collection that has been designed to deliver consistent and predictable results.
• The Demi Color is perfect for a variety of creative techniques such as glazing, refreshing, adding depth, grey blending, and color correction.
• Is an infusion of CPD Technology™ and Coconut Oil-Based Lipids which result in smoother and healthier-looking color with a lustrous shine.

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