• Brazilian - b3 Interactive Balayage Course

    BRAZILIAN BOND BUILDER is an easy-to-use one-step system is added right to your color and lightener formulations with no additional processing time!


    This class will take you on a comprehensive and interactive digital journey through our innovative lightening products. This class helps you to create the most seamless and beautiful results in regard to formulation and which blonding product from LIGHTENERS, HIGH.LIFTS or SHADES to use plus the unique point of difference in each. 

    OUTCOMES: Explore and gain knowledge in the range of COLOR.ME LIGHTENERS and understand the unique point of different plus where to use each in the salon for tailored lightening for every client. 

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: All colourists using COLOR.ME in the salon and salons who are interested in exploring LIGHTENERS.  


    This class will take you on a digital journey through our innovative product pH.D – the alkaline to acid transformer. This class helps you to create the most seamless and beautiful results in regard to formulation. Understand the instructions for the best possible result plus gain a deeper understanding on pH.D additive ratios for depositing, tone-on-tone, grey blending, refining or glossing your client’s hair.

    OUTCOMES: Confidence in creating the perfect formulation for your client and personalising your end result while ensuring the hair is left with the highest integrity.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: All colourist that are new to pH.D and have attended START and would like to extend their confidence on utilising pH.D in the salon.

    Additional Notes: log in credentials will be sent to email on the account used to sign up for class


    Welcome to our introductory and interactive online class offering an overview of COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY. Theory topics include philosophy, hair diagnosis, communication, usage, and point of difference between each product. Colourists will experience instruction on the complete colour product portfolio. 

    OUTCOMES: Increased knowledge of the crucial elements of colour and diagnosis to meet your client’s needs. Explore and gain a deep understanding of the COLOR.ME product portfolio. Learn how to achieve the perfect personalized colour result for your client.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: All colourists new to COLOR.ME or new to colour. 

    ADDITIONAL NOTES: Log in credentials will be sent to email on the account used to sign up for class. Class takes place in Central Standard Time.

  • ELEVEN - Our Demi Permanent Liquid Story

    Understand the working properties of this incredibly versatile Demi-Permanent Liquid Colour line. Learn how it effects and reacts to the hair as well as gain further confidence in how, when and where to use which product and how to create creative colour combinations. This class is the colourists go-to session for all the extra information that will take your colour knowledge to the next level. You will finish the session informed and ready to return to the salon with new technical know-how and insight into the exciting world of ELEVEN Australia COLOUR.

  • Keune - Semi Endless Possibilities

    Create soft natural tones with remarkable shine with Keune Semi Color. This limitless palette will allow you to achieve brilliant blondes, rich brunettes, and radiant redheads.  Its quick processing time and modern technology will not only save you time but will have your clients coming back for more. With Endless Possibilities the sky is the limit. 

  • PRAVANA - Pure Light

    Join PRAVANA Senior Artistic Educator To learn all about our brand new Blonding Creme along with a technique to use in the salon!