LUSH by Hotheads Brand Story

About LUSH by Hotheads

LUSH is Hotheads Premium Luxury Blonde Collection of 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair, sourced in Continental Europe. The line contains 6 new dazzling shades just for blondes. Hotheads is as equally committed to producing extraordinary, high-quality hair as they are sourcing that hair in a way that protects the dignity of human rights in every facet of their supply-chain process. Talking about ethical sourcing is important. But showing you exactly where and how their hair is sourced is even more vital. Hotheads is the first hair-extension company to share actual traceable data. Their premium collection of 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair is also packaged in biodegradable, recyclable packing to reduce carbon footprint.

6 Dazzling Blonde Shades

The cascade of shining, cool-toned hair, is like a seamless waterfall of diamonds down your clients back. With LUSH by Hotheads premium hair extensions, you are the height of luxury. The LUSH line of hair extensions are available in 6 shades: Diamond, Opal, Topaz, Garnet, Pearl, and Cool Sapphire. Each shade is available in Tape-ins, Hand-Tied Wefts, and Machine Wefts, all in 16”, 20”, 22”, 24.”

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