Eleven Brand Story

About Eleven Australia

This brand is focused on reducing plastic use, reducing water consumption, using recyclable/biodegradable packing, and using solar energy. Eleven Australia also strives to provide its users with as many vegan-friendly products as possible while also providing them with top-quality products. This includes roundtable palm-oil, which is ensured to be ethically sourced from palm oil farms. Eleven Australia takes the extra-step to make sure that the production of our products are healing the planet, not hurting it. That’s why all of their manufacturers are Good Manufacturing Practice certified to ensure that Eleven Australia’s users are getting quality products that are made with an ethical production process.

the miracle hair treatment

A fan-favorite product within this line is the Miracle Hair Treatment. This lightweight leave-in treatment leaves the hair smooth and flyaway-free for all hair types. This hair treatment takes natural techniques and ingredients used to maintain hydration in the dry deserts of Australia to keep your hair hydrated and healthy through even the most harsh conditions. This product is created with Australian desert lime for hydration and nourishment, wattle seed for conditioning, and desert peach which replenishes the hair. This product brings damaged hair back from the brink while also creating protection from heat styling and detangling the hair. The Miracle Hair Treatment is only one amazing product available in the expansive line at Eleven Australia.

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