Premier Beauty is beyond excited to be the first to bring you GAMA Italy Professional’s newest hair tool creation, iQ2. The iQ2 is the next-gen evolution of the groundbreaking iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer and winner of the prestigious MCB Innovation Award.

The new iQ2 is set to be the NEW MUST HAVE in the professional marketing and you can be the first to grab this incredible tool, with Premier Beauty Supply. There are 2 ways to get your hands on  these 1) visit us at the GA.MA booth at America’s Beauty Show in Rosemont, Illinois April 9-11th or visit right here on our website.

The new iQ2, which is as light as a smartphone reinforces GAMA as a continuous disruptor within the hair tool community. Based on the existing iQ Perfetto, the iQ2 is a stylish, ergonomic, and compact hair dryer designed to ease muscle strain, ensure durability, and impart perfect styling ability all while promoting hair and scalp health.

How is the iQ2 different form the iQ Perfetto?

The first major change involves Its new washable micro-perforated filters which works to remove the accumulation of dust and micro bacteria. These sophisticated double filters were designed to prevent even the smallest dirt particles from settling in the engine and reaching the skin while also ensuring greater engine resilience. The iQ dryers are still the only ones in the market paired with the Intelligent Auto-Clean technology, that spins the engine in reverse direction, assisting in the deep cleaning of the filters.

The iQ2 is the lightest, most performant professional hair dryer in the world and weights in at only 0.65 pounds. This is the next evolution of power and elite performance! The iQ2’s new ultrapotent intelligent brushless motor’s 110,000 rpm performance is enhanced by the Venturi Effect and the new Turbo Function. The Venturi effect was designed to multiply the airflow delivered by the engine, while reducing drying time without using extra power. The iQ2 also boasts a technical revolution in the new Turbo Function, which increases airflow by bringing the engine to an impressive maximum speed of 120,000 rpm for 30 seconds. This results in an over 30% reduction of drying time, optimizing salon work.

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, the iQ2 is the only hairdryer in the world with never-before seen, “iQ Standby Technology” that can be automatically deactivated when it is placed on the GAMA Smart Pad, allowing efficient management of usage to reduce energy waste.

Just as its predecessor, the new iQ2 is fitted with Oxy Active Technology. The Oxy Active Technology works by exploiting the antibacterial and rejuvenating properties of active oxygen and guarantees healthier, shinier, and regenerated hair from the cuticles to the tips. To improve and facilitate the user experience, iQ2 is equipped with a Lock Function, which works to prevent accidental changes in the airflow and temperature level during use of the hairdryer. This dryer also features a new Auto-Diagnostics Function which identifies and highlights any operating problems, and a Memory Function that allows the stylist to customize their user preferences.

The three nozzles and diffuser now feature the innovative magnetic coupling and mechanical hook, designed to allow the stylist to work in agile and comfortable way. This system allows them to easily change the accessories while working, while also fixating the position of the nozzles, so that they won’t move when touching the brush during the blowouts. The star is the new GAMA patented Star Nozzle (Venturi Nozzle). This innovative nozzle was designed to work on fine or damaged hair and sensitive scalps. It replicates the power of Venturi, yet gently distribute the air flow to protect the hair and scalp. The two traditional nozzles were created with a double-layer design, that results in an air cushion that prevents the external layer from overheating.

The dryer comes with a cleaning kit and the Standby Smart Pad.

The iQ2 is proof that the attention to detail and quality characteristic of Italian Design, along with the choice of premium materials, and a focus in research and innovation are the key ingredients that allow GAMA to create products of the highest quality. We have no doubt that the 1Q2 will meet the needs of even the most avant-garde salons and high-end consumers.

1Q2 Technical characteristics:

• Motor speed: 110,000 rpm
• Turbo: 120,000 rpm for 30 sec
• Power: 2000 Watts,
• Air Pressure: 465 mmh2o,
• Noise: only 78 dB
• Weight: 294g / 10.03oz/ 0.65 pounds
• Intelligent brushless motor
• Turbo Function
• Venturi Effect
• Oxy-Active Technology
• Standby Technology
• Lock Function
• Memory Function
• Auto-Clean Technology
• Auto-Diagnostics System
• Removable, washable magnetized micro-perforated filter
• Combinations of use: 3 speeds, 4 temperatures and cold air shot Cool Shot
• Accessories: magnetic coupling and mechanical hook diffuser, one Venturi nozzle, two
professional nozzles
• Care Kit included
• Professional 3 meter / 9.8 ft anti-rolling cable.