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About K18

Until now, haircare products have fallen into two categories: conditioning treatments that coat hair, or repair treatments that work to patch damage. The K18Peptide™, uses biotech instead of traditional cosmetic chemistry, to reconnect both the interchains and intrachains that make up the structure of the hair. Not only does this repair damage and promote strength and elasticity—it won’t wash out with water or shampoo, so hair gets stronger with each treatment.


This leave-in treatment is infused with the patented K18Peptide™ that works on a molecular level to repair even the most extreme damage. Hair is left with the strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce of hair like new. By traveling into the inner-most layers of hair, the revolutionary K18Peptide™ is just the right size and molecular structure to fit in and reconnect broken chains and re-conform any disturbed disulfide bonds. This reconnection is what renews hair for that like-new look and feel.

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