Milbon Brand Story

About Milbon

In order to respect the unique skills of each stylist, Milbon respects that stylists have their own individual experience, skill, and knowledge. Everyone’s hair is different, this often influences how they express themselves. Milbon allows this self-expression by collaborating with hairdressers, stylists, and other haircare enthusiasts. The goal at Milbon is to help people find, embrace, and express their individuality. That way, those who use Milbon will feel confident and capable to face the day and live vibrantly.

texturizing spray 4

For enough hold to get the look you want, yet enough flexibility to live freely, try the Milbon Texturizing Spray 4. This spray creates a relaxed texture and volume. Not only does this invisible dry spray bring a matte finish with grip, but it also absorbs oils to extend the life between washed. This benefits the hair by allowing more time for the natural oil to replenish the hair.

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