It has arrived! We are thrilled to bring you the latest product line from KEVIN.MURPHY: COLOR.ME GLOSS. By now you have probably heard or at least seen COLOR.ME GLOSS floating around your social media feeds. This product line is unlike any other due to the incredible innovation and technology it took to produce it. These products could be just what your salon needs, here's why...

Experience demi-permanent color with strength and shine. Or, as Modern Salon said "the demi-permanent color of your dreams." Featuring KM.BOND² technology and Vitamin C, KEVIN.MURPHY+COLOR.ME GLOSS delivers pure, bright color results with thicker, stronger, and healthier looking hair.

We sat down with our KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME Brand Manager, Steve Napier, to answer some questions on what makes COLOR.ME GLOSS so special.

How does it help the customer experience?
"KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME GLOSS has a light lavender scent and doesn't have harsh chemicals like many competitors do. The liquid gel consistency glides thru the hair making the application easier for the stylist. And when the color is applied it's a pleasant experience. GLOSS goes beyond just color and shine to treat the hair from the inside out" - Steven Napier (KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME Brand Manager)

What makes it so different?
"This product is vegan and biodegradable. KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME GLOSS is free from Ammonia, MEA, & PPD. KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME GLOSS has Omega 3, 6, and 9. Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5) and Propanediol are added for extreme hydration. The Moisture lock technology locks in the moisture for silky, soft results. It's also produced using energy saving technology and is bottled in recycled and recyclable plastic." - Steve Napier (KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME Brand Manager)

How can you use it for best results?
"KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME GLOSS is an extremely versatile product who's standard mixing ratio is 1:2 with Gel Activator applied to towel-dried hair. But for more intense refinement of tone or vivid color results it can be mixed 1:1 and applied to dry hair."  - Steve Napier (KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME Brand Manager) 

KEVIN.MURPHY's newest range in the COLOR.ME lineup, COLOR.ME GLOSS delivers demi-permanent color with strength and shine. For endless creativity and natural looking results, COLOR.ME GLOSS SHADES feature a liquid texture compatible with a variety of application techniques and a portfolio of 30 soft, sheen intermixable shades.

COLOR.ME GLOSS CLEAR is a unique pigment-free shade to provide shine or to pastelis other COLOR.ME GLOSS SHADES. Use it to add a touch of light to the hair, revitalize natural, colored or lightened hair as a refill & bond treatment, or mix with any SHADE to create luminous pastel color results. 

The COLOR.ME GLOSS GEL ACTIVATOR is an innovative liquid gel texture activator formulated for use with COLOR.ME GLOSS SHADES and CLEAR. This unique texture allows for excellent hair adhesion on both dry hair and wet hair applications. Features a low concentration for no shift of natural depth and 1:2 mixing ratio for easy and quick mixing.

How Did They Do It?

COLOR.ME GLOSS has an advanced technology called KM.BOND². This acts on the hair's interior and exterior to replenish and strengthen the strutural bond in the cortex. Produced using protein-rich super foods, this advanced plat origin protein complex creates new hair bonds inside the hair cortex and cuticle layer. These bonds and proteins give the hair a filling effect and stronger hair due to its repairing benefits.

Why is this product better than the leading competitors?
"KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME GLOSS is formulated great new technology, KM.BOND², that uses hydrolyzed plant proteins to strengthen the hair, rebuild bonds in the cortex, and uses a Copolymer to secure the cuticle layer making the hair 37% thicker and 25% stronger, use after use." - Steve Napier (KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME Brand Manager)

How does it benefit the stylist/salon who brings it on as a professional brand to use?
"The immediate difference you will see is the feel and shine of the hair versus the major competitor. The technology of this product has proven results time after time. It's Color. It's a Shine Treatment. It's a bond treatment. It's all these things all in 1." - Steve Napier (KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME Brand Manager)

Special Features of this highly innovative product include luminosity, even color results, an acidic formula for no cuticle damage, no shift of natural melanin, revitalizing on natural, lightened, or color-treated hair, and a versatile texture compatible with a wide variety of application techniques.