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We are so excited to share that Premier and KEVIN.MURPHY & COLOR.ME will be LIVE.IN Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 17th! At this event, you will find Sarah Lund, SESSION.SALON MANAGER + STYLE.MASTER along with Leland Olson, STYLE.COLOR.MASTER! ⁠Within this collection they will give you all the tools needed across cut, colour, and style to help your clients RE:FRAME who they really are. They will leave you inspired and up to date with the latest trends in hair and fashion design.

A few months ago, we hosted two other KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME LIVE.IN Events (one in Cleveland, Ohio and the other in Indianapolis, Indiana) were the guests got to connect with Kate Reid, Global Design Director, and Colour 3x Australian Educator of the Year, and Nathan Gorman, Global Director, and Education & Communications, as they striped the KEVIN.MURPHY brand back to its editorial core with cut, colour, and style techniques that navigate what’s next. One of their main messages was to ‘connect and customize your experience no matter what your passion is, there will be something “out of the box” for you⁠.’ All our guests had an amazing time, and we got a ton of positive feedback from the stylists who came. They got to walk away with a better understanding of the KEVIN.MURPHY brand and level up their skills to take their businesses to the next level. That’s why we are so excited to be having another LIVE.IN Event but this time, LIVE.IN Grand Rapids!

To get your tickets, please visit Premier’s webstore. Go to www.premierbeautysupply.com and hover over the Education button in the navigation bar near the top of the screen. Here you will find an option for KEVIN.MURPHY: LIVE.IN GRAND RAPIDS, click on it! You’ll have the opportunity to purchase a Single-Entry Ticket OR a 5 Pack of tickets. The 5 Pack saves you $25! You’ll also be walking away with next level tips and tricks from some of the best of the best, Sarah Lund and Leland Olson.

KEVIN.MURPHY is currently searching for three models for this event for a limited time. If you are interested, please be aware of these model specifics:

  • Must be open for cut and color
  • No permanent hair extensions or temporary extensions currently in the hair
  • Hair must be in good condition, no colour corrections, henna, direct dye build up or excessive colour build up
  • All textures and lengths welcomed
  • Must be comfortable in front of large groups of people
  • Models will be gifted $100+ worth of KEVIN.MURPHY Swag!

*All interested candidates must send recent selfies and Instagram handles and reach out directly to Leland Olson: [email protected]


LIVE.IN GRAND RAPIDS, MI is happening Sunday, September 17th @ 6pm

The Loft at Studio D2D
401 Hall Street SW
Suite 120
Grand Rapids, MI 49503