NEW Chicago Store is Now Open for Business!


Exciting news is on the horizon for the vibrant city of Chicago, IL, as we proudly announce the grand opening of our new retail store location. After being known for our exceptional online presence, we are now taking a monumental step forward by bringing our premium products and services directly to YOU, salon professionals, in the Chicago area. This momentous occasion promises to redefine convenience, exclusivity, and unparalleled beauty offerings for all who enter our doors.

A Transformative Game Changer for Salon Professionals

Premier Beauty has long been a trusted name in the beauty industry, catering to the needs of salon professionals with an extensive range of top-tier products. With the unveiling of our new store in Chicago, we set out to change the way our beauty professionals shop and experience their products. No longer will last-minute necessities pose a challenge, as the convenience of a physical location empowers professionals to swing by and pick up whatever they need, exactly when they need it.

A Dazzling Array of Brands, Now at Your Fingertips:

At the heart of our store is an expansive selection of renowned brands that have earned the trust of salon professionals. A remarkable feature of the new store is that it will showcase an extensive range of brands already available online, offering beauty enthusiasts the chance to interact with the products in person. This tactile experience is bound to elevate the shopping journey and empower professionals to make informed decisions about the products they choose to enhance their craft.

Beauty Meets Elegance in the Heart of Chicago

Stepping into Premier Beauty Supply's new store location at 3654 W Belmont Ave. in Chicago, IL, 60618 will be nothing short of breathtaking. The retail space has been meticulously designed to create an atmosphere of sophistication, beauty, and inspiration. Every corner reflects our commitment to excellence and serves as a haven where professionals can explore, experiment, and indulge in their passion for beauty.

A Heartfelt Thank You

As we embark on this exciting new venture, our gratitude towards our customers cannot be understated. The continued support and partnership of beauty professionals have played a pivotal role in making this expansion possible. We acknowledge that this journey is as much ours as it is to our brand partners, and the new store stands as a testament to the enduring relationship between Premier Beauty and our valued customers.

Our entry into the world of brick-and-mortar retail marks a remarkable milestone in our journey. With our new store location in Chicago, IL, we are set to redefine convenience, exclusivity, and beauty offerings for salon professionals in the area. From a captivating array of brands to an enchanting retail space, the new store promises an experience that's nothing short of extraordinary. Salon professionals and beauty enthusiasts are invited to step into a world of beauty, creativity, and inspiration at 3654 W Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL, 60618. Come be a part of this momentous chapter and witness the fusion of Premier Beauty and unparalleled service firsthand.