GA.MA Professional Brand Story

About GA.MA

Since its inception in 1969, the company has become synonymous with research and innovation. From hair straighteners to hair dryers, from curling irons to shavers, clippers, and trimmers, to hair nourishing products, Gama is proud to offer cutting-edge technology solutions for both professional and consumer targets.

Their strength can be described in two words: Research and Innovation. These are the two principles that daily guide their every step, from research, to testing and production. Their products are characterized by being light, easy to handle, providing maximum efficiency, and power.

Next Gen Hair Dryer: iQ2

The iQ2 is the lightest, most performant professional hair dryer in the world at only 0.65 pounds. Combining power and elite performance, the iQ2’s new ultra-potent intelligent brushless motor’s 110,000 rpm performance is enhanced by the Venturi Effect and the new Turbo Function. The Venturi effect multiplies the airflow delivered by the engine, reducing drying time without using extra power.
The iQ2 also boasts a technical revolution in the new Turbo Function, which increases airflow by bringing the engine to an impressive 120,000 rpm for 30 seconds. This results in an over 30% reduction of drying time, optimizing salon work.

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