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Four Types of Dads and The Gifts to Get Them.


Father’s Day is coming up, which means clients are waiting until the last minute to scrape together something their dad might vaguely like. So, as a stylist, you have the opportunity to become their one saving grace for this holiday. It’s a little-known fact that dads who have hair are obsessed with preserving it. Even if it’s a little bit on top, they treat it like it’s the last Truffula tree, and they’re the Lorax. So, whether your client’s dad has curly, straight, or thinning hair, Premier Beauty has the products to help them nourish, maintain, and style it.

For Clients who have a Dad with Thick Hair

ELEVEN’s Extra Hold Styling Clay keeps the flyways in place for 24 hours. As a result, the clay maintains your client’s dad’s look throughout the entire golf outing and even for drinks afterward. So says goodbye to wispy, wind-blown styles and hello to crisp and clean looks.

For Clients with a Dad with Thinning Hair

If your client has a dad that wants to turn back the clock, Ethica’s Corrective Serum is for them. This serum accelerates growth and gives thinning hair a new youthful appearance. Tell your clients that a couple of applications of this formula will give Dads the confidence to ditch the baseball caps and start showing off their locks.

For Clients with a “Less is More” Dad

Go247’s Grooming Cream is incredibly lightweight and easy to use. This product works perfectly for clients with dads that might not like the feeling of heavy pomades and sprays. However, despite its light texture, it creates a light, natural finish on the hair and stops it from becoming too fluffy.

For Clients with Dads Who Rock Facial Hair

Some clients have dads who are a little more into their beards. Premier has the perfect product for them, 1922 by J.M, Keune’s Beard Balm. This beard balm smooths everything out with a light and flexible finish. It takes beards from wild to refined in seconds. Not to mention the shea butter and coconut oil to keep everything hydrated and smelling great.

Make client’s Father’s Day easy this year with products that dads will love. All your client’s dads will be looking clean and styled for their family barbecues. Add items to your cart on our webstore to get started.

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