35 Quotes and Facts about Premier


We asked, "what does 35 years in business mean to you?"

Everyone at Premier has worked so hard over the last 35 years to build a great reputation as industry leaders. I'm grateful to be part of such a great legacy! – Nicole Schannen, Ohio Regional Sales Manager

2022 was a big year for Premier. Operations made large strides in staffing, operational efficiencies, cost control and IT. In the warehouse we have broken records in 2022 for total dollars shipped in a day, total orders shipped in a day and the highest ever YTD daily average through-put. 2023 will bring more improvements that build off our solid foundation as we look ahead to our 40th year. – Charles Bayer, Director of Operations

Wow! My tag line for Premier is..."we are old enough to know better and young enough to be cool." Having 35 years of experience makes Premier an expert in the industry but also not afraid to try new things. I so respect the patience and hard work it takes to run a successful company for 35 years. I feel lucky to be a part of it! – Carrie Carlson, Regional Sales & Business Development Manager

This is an interesting one for me because ironically, I share the same birth year as Premier! I feel like things obviously changed not only throughout our industry but the world over the past few years and this is our year to take the new lifestyle of the hairdresser to the next level. – Marie Schwendeman, Education Manager

If you haven't noticed, I am a bit of a nerd, but I love history and I'm a sucker for a good story. For me, I want to immerse myself in the Premier story all year round and really allow my team to push the boundaries of how to tell that story to our community. From Steve starting Premier from the trunk of his car selling barrettes to now operating out of a huge warehouse, second generation in tow, 35+ brands, and about 100 employees... well that is the American Dream right there. It means consistency, continuity, and most of all courage. Courage to get up every day no matter what the day before was like and say, "I'm doing it!" Not many people can say that, and even though there were some serious obstacles over the course of his tenure, he continued on with hope and courage. 35 years means everything. So, Steve/Alex, Cheers, to 35 more! – Victoria Thanoukos, Director of Marketing & Research

Solid company that can continue to grow. – Dave Campbell, Warehouse Manager

Giant accomplishment! Congratulations to Steve and Alex! I feel very honored to have the opportunity of being a part of something so great! Cheers to 35 more! – Emily Shamblee, Director of Business Development

That Premier is doing things right… solid core values, killer brand portfolio and always moving forward… – Betty Grott, AE Northwest Indiana

That we have built trust & relationships in the industry, but we have to continue evolving to meet the needs of the modern-day stylist & salon owner. – Bri Olson, AE Chicago West

What an accomplishment! I am proud to be a part of this successful company for the last 10 years. – Diane Gilfillan, SAE Grand Rapids/Western Michigan

A company that is built upon its reputation and good standing servicing salon professionals. A family owned (independent) company that truly cares as much about its employees as it does our salon professional partners. – Joseph Spohn, SAE Chicago North Side

That’s a great family-owned company that is growing and things can only get better. - Karen Narra, AE East Detroit

It means we are a company who has withstood major ups and downs in the market which is not easy to do as a private distributor. I believe that if people do not know who Premier is, NOW is the time to show who we are and what we can bring. – Kristin Forbes, AE Dayton Ohio

I am so excited to be a part of this milestone! Excited to be a part of it and make the next 35 years amazing! – Laura Rose, Color Consultant

There are several factors to build a long-lasting successful business. In my opinion the most important factor is how you treat people. After 35 years in business, Premier has proven time and time again that they treat people with respect and integrity. I am beyond proud to be a part of a company that truly cares for everyone at every level. – Mary Hall, AE Lansing Grand Rapids East

35 years is a long time and acknowledging the growth that got us to where we are today, is something to applaud about big time! People have come and gone, but to still keep the grounds running and to carry so many amazing brands in the hair industry for years and years, says something. We knew how to start the concept of the beauty conversation and knew what the beauty industry was looking for! It’s the idea of teamwork and always pushing each other to figure out what can we do next to better ourselves and our company! – Carolyn Mary Mueller, Graphic Designer

That is awesome, and Premier has built years and years of hard work to be as successful of an organization that we are today. – Hailey Ball, HR Assistant

Fun Facts

Premier is family owned and operated since 1988.

We carry over 30 top notch brands in the professional hair industry.

We have two new Premier Beauty Stores, one in Chicago Illinois and one in Indianapolis Indiana. Stay tuned for where we go next!

We have a loyalty program called Beyond Beauty focused on your marketing needs. Use rewards earned on purchases for custom marketing materials.

Premier Beauty has had 9 different office locations since we were founded.

If your order does not arrive within 2 business days, you will receive free shipping on your next order thanks to our Arrival Guarantee.

Our values are Family First, People Matter, and Forward Thinking.

Premier is locally based in Northbrook Illinois and serves the Midwest area of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

Premier promises to keep in stock a core list of top products and never run out. If we do run out, we will ship you up to 12 units at no shipping charge.

We have a roughly 55,000 sq.ft. warehouse attached to our corporate office where we pick, pack, and ship out all your orders.

We offer virtual and in-person opportunities from select brands to further your education in cutting, extensions, product knowledge, smoothing, and styling.

We provide a Virtual Education Library filled with prerecorded classes so you can get certified in select brands and train new hairstylists.

We’ve created a Marketing Agency, The Mane Creative, exclusively for the Professional Hair Industry that specializes in providing services for branding, social media management, and more.

We have over 35 Account Executives throughout our 4 territories ready to help you and your salon with a personalized experience.

We are on TikTok! Give us a follow @premierbeautysupply

We have had 5 different logos throughout the years.

We have a sister site called Stylist by Premier Beauty, exclusively created for booth renters and independent stylists.

Steve Cohn, CEO and founder of Premier Beauty, got started in the beauty industry by selling barrettes to salons to learn about the industry. Now we are here 35 years later. WE ARE PREMIER.