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Why Every Stylist Should Offer Brazilian Blowout Express


Free samples at the grocery store are the best. You get an idea of what the product is like, plus the “free” part lets you try without the price tag. And if it’s good, you may be convinced to buy the full-size item!

The NEW Brazilian Blowout Express can work on the same concept - give clients an idea of what the Brazilian Blowout is like and they may be impelled to buy. Clients do pay for the treatment, but it’s at a much lower price point, which also opens up the service up to a whole new group of people.

Dahlia Misho, International Platform Artist and Regional Education Manager for Brazilian BlowoutDahlia Misho, International Platform Artist and Regional Education Manager for Brazilian Blowout, said the point of this new treatment ultimately comes down to affordability. The Brazilian Blowout Express, or BBX, is a way to retarget clients who could not afford the original treatment.

BBX can be a client’s segue into a full treatment and give them a taste of what the Brazilian Blowout Original is like, but BBX is also a standalone treatment. It offers flexibility for clients who don’t need it as often, need it for a special occasion or need a quick touch-up after a color service.

“We’re not going after our current Brazilian Blowout clients. It’s an amazing service category to add more revenue. There’s a lot of new opportunities where people can come up with $100 instead of coming up with $300.”

If clients are already getting regular Brazilian Blowouts, that’s great. However, if you’re a salon owner or stylist that offers the Brazilian Blowout, but only does one to two a month, the BBX is a great way to get new customers. The national average price for the Brazilian Blowout Express is $125 and up.

“You’re tapping into a whole new audience because it’s affordable,” she said. “It's a luxury service for a fraction of the price.”

The difference between the Brazilian Blowout Express and the Brazilian Blowout Original is the updated technology. BBX cleanses and deposits in one step, eliminating Step 1 from the Brazilian Blowout Original treatment process.

With BBX, stylists are advised to take a 2-inch subsection, which is larger than the Brazilian Blowout Original instructions, and apply on 50% damp hair, which is also different than the Original. After that, stylists simply blow-dry, flat iron, rinse, and style. The treatment only takes 60 minutes or less, shaving off 20 minutes compared to the Original treatment. With other express smoothing treatments, the hair must aerate in the bowl for 15 minutes, so BBX is saving time in the express smoothing category as well.

This new product is ideal for men who want a “Bro-zilian Blowout.” If they’re constantly cutting their hair, it doesn’t make sense to keep getting the full treatment just for it to get cut off four weeks later. The BBX lasts up to four weeks, so in the time their hair has grown back, the treatment has washed out and is ready to be re-applied.

“It’s about getting them to love and embrace smoothing treatments.”

Target vacation-goers looking for a resort blowout. A smoothing treatment that lasts just as long as their trip, and doesn’t tap into their budget too much, is hard to pass up.

Last, but not least on the list, should be retargeting busy clients and those who have always dreamt about having the full treatment. Let them know you have a faster, more affordable treatment that offers the same results.

“With BBX, you can capture a lot more people because people are used to seeing this price point. It’s the norm, but $300 is a lot to a lot of people.”

It’s like trying a sample before you buy the real thing! Contact your Premier AE for more information and sign up for free Brazilian Blowout education from Premier Beauty.

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