The Difference Between Brazilian Blowout and Brazilian Blowout Express


Brazilian Blowout Express and Brazilian Blowout Original are both effective smoothing treatments with different uses -- and the benefits to using one over the other come down to time and investment.

All clients don’t have the same hair type and color, just like they don’t all have the same time or money to spend on services. We know that Brazilian Blowout Express is a newer formula (launched in August 2018) and takes less time to perform, but let’s explain the differences between Brazilian Blowout Express and the Brazilian Blowout Original Solution.

Pros of Brazilian Blowout Express

Number of Steps
Brazilian Blowout Express has a built-in cleanser that eliminates the Step 1 Ionic Cleanser used in the Brazilian Blowout Original Treatment. Smooth and cleanse in one step! We do recommend that the client come in with clean hair.

Price Point
Brazilian Blowout Express, also known as BBX, is more affordable for salons offering the treatment and for the clients receiving it. It’s a great way to introduce clients who are interested in the full Brazilian Blowout but are not ready to invest financially or commit to the 12-week results of the regular treatment.

Processing Time
Less processing time means clients can get the treatment on their lunch break and stylists can fit more clients in their schedule.

Introduction to Smoothing
The Brazilian Blowout Express is a great way to get clients on board with smoothing who may have been more hesitant in the past. BBX (or Brazilian Blowout Original Solution) could be used as a spot treatment on baby hairs, cowlicks, and bangs.

Brazilian Blowout Express

Size: 34 Fl. Oz.

Applications: 34 Fl. Oz. has 60 applications

Steps: The built-in cleanser eliminates the Step 1 Ionic Cleanser used in the Brazilian Blowout Original Treatment.

Process: 60 minutes or less

How Long it Lasts: Up to four weeks

Brazilian Blowout Original Solution

Size: 34 Fl. Oz. or 12 Fl. Oz.

Applications: 34 Fl Oz. has 40 to 50 applications

Steps: 3 Steps -- Ionic Cleanser, Solution, Ionic Bonding Spray

Process: Average of 80 minutes

How Long it Lasts: Up to 12 weeks

What’s not to like? Both treatments offer smoother, more manageable hair for all lifestyles. Add Brazilian Blowout Express to salon offerings and you can make $7,500 in revenue per bottle. Learn more from your Premier AE or our Customer Care at 847.480.0000. Or sign-up for a free class near you!

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