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Temporary Pops of Color for the Indecisive Customer


With the summer in full swing, and most salons officially open, a common theme that I am sure you all are noticing is change. After being stuck in their houses for months during quarantine, you are seeing that the people walking in-and-out of your salon are looking for something different than what they wanted before. Whether a client decides they want a bright balayage instead of their usual low lights, making the decision to get a blunt haircut instead of a choppy look, or even trying out a new hair treatment that they’ve never had done before; people are beginning to experiment with new things to embrace the time period we are living in (dare we say, because YOLO?).

Have hesitant clients yearning for that awesome vibrant color change but not willing to permanently commit? Guess who has you covered? PREMIER! Temporary color is the way to go and will ensure the integrity of one’s hair health, even after use. Not only will this keep your client’s hair happy and their hair healthy, but it will also give them the opportunity to participate in Summer 2020’s hottest hair trend of fashion colored hair looks. Join the firecracker contest here.

We love great products, especially those that benefit your client’s hair health. Have a look below!

Alfaparf Milano Pigments Customizable Color

Alfaparf’s Pigments Customizable Color truly allows you to match your client’s personality with their hair color! Pigments is composed of six pure ultra-concentrated shades that are intermixable for endless in-salon customizations. This product can be mixed in with shampoos, masks, vials, water or any professional in-salon treatment, to make each and every appointment personalized your clients. With no disruption to the hair’s natural integrity, this is the perfect add on treatment for any of your clients in-salon appointments.

Aloxxi Hair’s Instaboost Color Conditioning Masques

Looking for a rainbow in a bottle? Check out Aloxxi’s Instaboost Color Conditioning Masques. These hair masques instantly refresh one’s hair that may have been previously colored a fashion shade or tone one’s hair to a desired fashion color of their choosing. Due to the CDP Complex found in this product, these masques Condition, Deposit and Protect color treated hair while adding intense nourishment and shine. Because of this, this product can be used as a conditioner replacement, so your client’s hair can stay colored and silky smooth.

Keune Hair Cosmetics’ Color Craving

Is your client looking for a more pastel colored look without the long-term commitment? Keune Hair Cosmetics’ Color Cravings Line is the perfect answer for you! Working best with pre-lightened hair, this at-home or in-salon hair mask deposits dye pigments to the hair during the conditioning process of a typical hair wash. Processing color in just 15 minutes, this hair mask gives gorgeous looking results all while conditioning hair strands from added silk proteins and Solamer for UV protection found in the ingredients. These masks will fade out gradually after continued wash into beautiful and subtle hair colors.

Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask

Available in a range of curated shades, this is the perfect product for your clients to purchase from you at the salon and then try at home on their own. The Moroccanoil Color Depositing Masks are easy-to-use masks that make it possible to experiment with fashion shades, enhance color vibrancy and dimension or extend hair color between salon visits. Whether they want to try out a rich champagne color or a cool aquamarine look, the options are endless with these intermixable hair mask shades. As an added bonus, this mask contains nourishing ingredients, including an amino acid blend, apricot kernel oil and reparative ArganID technology that makes hair not only look, but feel better after use.

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