Introducing Everlasting.Colour by Kevin.Murphy


The wait is over! We are thrilled to bring you the latest product line from Kevin.Murphy Everlasting.Colour. This product line is already attracting the attention of celebrity’s and hair stylists alike, and we have no doubt your clients will love it!

Everlasting.Colour is comprised of colour preserving products that have been formulated to restore and
strengthen chemically treated hair and extend the vibrancy and shine of hair colour over time. Used as an entire regimen, EVERLASTING.COLOUR will help to support your scalp’s natural microbiome, assist in halting mineral build-up from hard water, as well as protect against the colour-deviations created by environmental aggressors such as oxidants, free radicals, and UVA/UVB exposure. The end result is a formula that repairs, protects hair from pollutants, and ensures longer lasting colour. This new line by Kevin Murphy is comprised of 4 products; the Wash, Rinse, Treatment, and Leave-In.

The Everlasting.Colour Wash is an antioxidant-rich shampoo that guards against color fade, while adding a touch of brilliant shine.

The Everlasting.Colour Rinse offers advanced pH sealing technology that works to protect against color fade while also helping to strengthen and restore hair.

The Everlasting.Colour Treatment is a bond-building treatment formulated to nourish and restore hair. We recommend using this as a problem-solving treatment every 3-4 washes or with every wash if your hair is highly damaged or porous.

The Everlasting.Colour Leave-In provides advanced bond-building technology that will strengthen, nourish, and add shine to hair, all while protecting against color fade.

Curious how the new Everlasting.Colour Leave-In compares to other available Leave-In Treatments from Kevin.Murphy? We were too. That is why we were excited to learn that the Everlasting.Colour Leave-In is a more efficient and consistent porosity equalizer than STAYING.ALIVE and UN.TANGLED. The ideal use of this product is for colourists who aim to achieve a more consistent colour result in the salon. This product also best suits clients who prioritize colour longevity with protection and improved strength, shine, and softness.

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