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Travel Abroad With Premier Beauty to Meet Our International Brands


Last week, we took a trip across the U.S. to visit brands that Premier Beauty carries. Now, it’s time to pack our bags and go abroad! Come along as we take a trip from country to country to learn more about some of the international brands we carry at Premier Beauty.


To start our journey off, we’re going to hop over the northern border to our neighbors up in Canada. There, we will find one of the newer brands at Premier Beauty, Ethica. Ethica likes to describe itself as a technology company that also happens to make shampoo. Delivering next level products that give incredible benefits, this brand has taken the market by storm with its four products. Ethica prides itself on using resources found locally and within the continent to source their products as often as possible. With this company quickly expanding from Canada to the U.S., don’t be surprised if you see one Ethica Beauty products on a salon shelf near you.


Time to take this trip across the pond and start our journey in Europe. Let’s first stop in Italy to visit with Alfaparf Milano. Founded in 1980 by Roberto Franchina, Alfaparf Milano began as a company in an effort to support the hairdressing industry in Italy. Forty years later, Alfaparf has expanded to over 100 countries and has become the number one Italian brand in the hair salon industry. Offering various products from over eleven hair and skin care brands, the Alfaparf Group proves time and time again that they have something to offer for everyone. While they have multiple offices in places outside of Italy, they always stay true to their Italian roots and make sure everything still begins in the starting place of the brand. With a strong presence in the beauty industry, we do not see Alfaparf Milano slowing down anytime soon to create innovative Italian products and further expand into other countries.


Let’s head over to the Netherlands’ capital, Amsterdam, and catch up with our friends at Keune Haircosmetics. Keune was born when pharmacist Jan Keune became fascinated with curly hair. The fascination shortly turned into experimentation, as he began to come up with methods of achieving a curly-haired look with high heat and gas flames. From there, he invented the first liquid perm formula, and thus, Keune Haircosmetics was born! Growing immensely since the beginning, Keune has continued to put out innovative products in comparison to Jan’s invention, including their Tinta Hair Color. Distributing its products worldwide, Keune has continued to act as a leader in the hair industry and become a salon favorite to many.


Now time to grab our plane tickets and go to Israel, the birthplace of the cult-classic brand, Moroccanoil. Salon professional, Carmen Tal, founded Moroccanoil when she traveled to Israel and had a hair color service go wrong. As a result, the hairstylist used an argan oil treatment on Tal’s hair, where she noticed instant moisturization to her dry, brittle hair. She saw the benefits of using argan oil in hair firsthand and then decided to create a formula of her own to help others that may end up in the same position as her. Being a favorite among celebrities, influencers, and salon professionals, Moroccanoil is available to purchase in over 65 countries and is featured in 100,000 salons worldwide. With their extensive array of products featured within the brand, Moroccanoil truly has something to offer for everyone and ensures that the hair comes out healthier after use.


Time to head further east as we venture to the island of Japan to visit Milbon HQ. Being the No. 1 professional hair care brand in Japan, Milbon has become a trusted salon partner worldwide to both stylists and consumers. Founded over 50 years ago exclusively for salons and stylists, Milbon continues to push the hair care industry boundaries to develop products that create a foundation for happy and healthy hair. Using their innovative CAT-Scan technology to create 360 degrees of beautiful hair, Milbon creates high-performing and effective products. Available in over 40,000 salons worldwide, Milbon continues to transform people’s hair and create stunning results with their large variety of products.


Let’s turn the temperature up and head to the land down under to visit our two brands, ELEVEN Australia and KEVIN.MURPHY.

Located in the Collingwood neighborhood of Melbourne, we will find our friends at ELEVEN Australia. Starting their journey in 2011, ELEVEN took the hair industry by storm when they came out with their iconic Miracle Hair Treatment. Introducing their added eleven benefits consistent in all products, ELEVEN has expanded into a product line of 35 items with product names that tell users exactly how to use them.

As the company began to grow, they brought on two industry leaders as co-creative directors to take ELEVEN to the next level: celebrity hairstylist and four-time Australia Hairdresser of the Year Joey Scandizzo and Australian Photographer of the Year Andrew O’Toole. They have helped ELEVEN Australia become not only a brand with a great range of salon-grade products but also a brand that embodies the lifestyle of living in Australia. With products available in 25 countries worldwide, this brand continues to be a trusted favorite from salon professionals and hair lovers alike.

Also located in Melbourne, we have the innovative brand KEVIN.MURPHY. Hair professional and stylist Kevin Murphy, Awarded the Australian Masters Award at the AHFAS in 2007, created his brand, KEVIN.MURPHY, as an aid for him to use while styling professional photo shoots. He found that the products that he was using were not performing the way that he would like them to, which led him to the idea of creating the hair care line.

Now carried exclusively in salons all over the world, KEVIN.MURPHY has become a signature line in the hair care industry. This brand has gone above and beyond within the hairstyling community with a large focus on creating high-quality, high-performance products and a sustainable business focus.

Thank you for traveling with us to see the brands we bring to your doorstep from all over the world! We are so happy to partner with you and your team and look forward to hearing about your favorite brands, products, and what your clients love most!

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