Insight for Stylists

Sell and Educate with Moroccanoil Mask Packettes


By Erin Gignac

With dry, winter weather coming up, your clients will need a little extra love in their hair care routine. Moroccanoil Mask packettes are the perfect way to educate them about hair maintenance between visits.

Premier Beauty is also excited to bring on the new Moroccanoil Mask packettes, available November 1 on our website, as a way to introduce a luxury brand item to a broader client base.

“I think sometimes we forget why we go to the salon. We have hair that needs help,” said Gloria Puljic, Moroccanoil Brand Manager for Premier Beauty.

Salons benefit because they’re able to introduce these high-quality products with a much more appealing price point of $6 per packette.

Clients benefit because they’re able to sample and experience the results of a luxury hair product before they buy the full-price item—something they may hesitate to purchase because they can’t see the instant benefits like they do with a hairspray or other styling product tester. (Full-size hair mask products aren’t the first item to fly off the shelves, after all.)

Many luxury beauty brands are offering smaller samples of product to gain new followers and fans—think of the successful monthly subscription boxes like Birchbox and Ipsy. These are along the same vein and place attention on a much-needed area of upkeep.

Deep conditioning shows unconditional love and extends the life of your hair,” she said.

The packettes also start a conversation between stylists and clients about how these at-home treatments reduce damage and help maintain healthy, nourished hair between salon visits.

Once the client tries the product, they’ll notice the benefits and results, which encourages them to purchase either another packette or the full-price product. Having a great at-home experience based on their stylist’s recommendation builds trust between the salon and the customer.

“We talk about braids and updos and tricks but we don’t talk about how to keep their hair healthy,” Puljic said.

Here are Puljic’s tips, tricks and highlights on how to market the Moroccanoil Mask packettes:
• Place the display at the register or anywhere in clear sight for impulse purchasing.
• Remind clients that masks are a great product for the dry, cold weather fast approaching.
• Market them as stocking stuffers or items for travelers.
• Inform clients on the product types. Intense Hydrating Mask is for all hair types while Smoothing Mask is for coarse, curly hair.
• Both products are free from sulfates, phosphates and parabens.
• Educate clients as to why deep-conditioning is good for their hair.

Moroccanoil Mask packettes are available at Premier Beauty on November 1. To stay updated, follow Premier Beauty on Facebook!

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