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Meet Marcia Lee, our Featured Educator for March 2021!


Marcia Lee, Educator with Aloxxi, is our Featured Educator for March 2021!

Are there any trends you anticipate seeing this Spring?

Tape and micro link extensions are finally starting to come around in the Chicago area, so I definitely expect to see more of those. Chicago tends to be a little more conservative in picking up new services, especially when they come at a high price point. I always recommend taking a certification class and letting your clients know you’re now offering that service; clients love to hear that we’re keeping up on our education as stylists.

I also think we’ll see a lot of African American women wearing their hair naturally. They are getting more comfortable with embracing their natural texture and even exploring color; I’ve been a colorist for 20-25 years, and my clients have generally shied away from coloring because they felt like it broke off their hair. Now they’re letting their natural texture shine and coming to the salon for color to get the edginess they’re looking for.

Are there any trends you expect to die off in Spring?

With the trend moving toward wearing hair more naturally, I think we’re going to see a lot fewer roller sets, silk presses, and relaxers in the future.

What would you recommend to someone looking to change up their color this Spring? How does that change depending on the client’s personality?

Color really lets people have fun with their hair and kind of show their personality. Nine out of ten times, the clients I work with are in a corporate setting. They want a look that is conservative and professional, but still lets them have fun with their color on the weekends.

I always start with a consultation to figure out what kind of change the client is looking to achieve. Once I have an idea of what direction they want to take, I figure out if their hair can handle the level of change they’re looking for.

It also depends on what level of maintenance they’re comfortable with; I wouldn’t recommend someone go from a dark color to a lighter one if they don’t want to maintain it.

How do the Aloxxi Andiamo products contribute to helping clients show their personality?

Clients are not always sure of what they want at the time of their appointment. Because Andiamo is a 15-minute express color with a ton of options, we can still provide a service without alternating our schedules or falling behind. For example, one of my clients wasn’t sure initially if she needed a retouch. She ended up deciding she saw too much gray, and I was able to accommodate her and recreate her color personality without going over my time or hers, while still providing the best experience. I then refreshed her ends with TONES just to add more shine. I love that TONES Demi-Permanent Colour is totally ammonia-free and gives great coverage without damaging hair.

The Aloxxi products ultimately let clients explore color and have fun with it—without worrying about compromising their hair health.

What’s your favorite way to use Aloxxi Andiamo?

My favorite way to use Aloxxi Andiamo is to provide an array of highlights/balayage techniques with our high lift levels, which allows me to provide the service in less time when my client needs to be in and out. I also love the gray coverage with less sitting time because clients often have busy schedules.

What’s your favorite color from the Instaboost Color Conditioning Masques?

My personal favorite of the Instaboost Color Conditioning Masques is hands-down Strictly Platinum. I use it all the time, and I get a ton of compliments on it; everyone just loves the color. If I feel like my hair is getting a little yellow or too warm, I just use the masque, and it brings me right back to platinum. I have a lot of fun with it.

My second favorite color is the Fireball Red. I had a client come in after dying her hair red at home. The color was dull, and she wasn’t happy with it. After using the Fireball Red masque, her color was amazing; her kids thought she had recolored her hair altogether. I posted the results on Instagram and received a huge response—people loved it.

What are you most looking forward to with Spring around the corner?

On a professional level, I’m looking forward to clients coming back to the salon. With the vaccine, people are starting to get more comfortable with going to the salon again, and I’m really excited for that change.

Personally, I love that Spring brings out the flowers and the smell of grass; I think the pandemic has taught us to appreciate that a little more and to enjoy life.

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