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Meet Alicia Dixon, our Featured Educator for February 2021


Alicia Dixon, Keune Educator and North American Academy Trainer, is our Featured Educator for February 2021!

We featured you as an educator back in 2016. What's changed for you since?

I’ve learned so much since 2016; I have expanded my skills to go beyond specializing in just balayage and focus on blonding techniques as a whole.

Do you feel like digital education has improved in the wake of the pandemic?

One hundred percent. Before the pandemic, digital education opportunities in the hair industry were few and far between, and a lot of the “classes” weren’t interactive. The pandemic has forced people to create classes with the digital platform in mind and think about how this new classroom environment affects learning.
The pandemic has made education so much more accessible—you can have people from all over the country in the same class without them having to travel. And because it’s virtual, it’s much more affordable.
Keune adapted quickly and started a free weekly class on Facebook Live. Even though things have returned to semi-normal for a lot of stylists, they’ve kept this up and continue to create inspiring content during a time when it’s easy to feel uninspired.

How do you think the industry can further improve digital education going forward?

It would be great if we could find a way to have multiple cameras so students can see what we’re doing from different angles. Right now a digital course can feel a little bit like watching a TV show, but I think being able to zoom in on things and show them from different angles would make the experience more interactive for everyone.

Do you think digital education will become more mainstream in the years ahead?

Absolutely. I think the accessibility aspect of digital classes attracts a lot of people. I’ve taken more classes this year than in years past, because it’s more accessible to me—I can hop online at midnight if I want. This flexibility makes getting education so much easier for people.
I think there is going to be more demand for these types of classes going forward and that will push brands to do more of it and to expand their digital reach. In-person classes might even become more of an investment—sort of an immersive learning experience as opposed to the norm.

Do you feel like educators need to change their approach in a digital classroom setting?

It’s important to keep it simple and not overcomplicate things. Trying to do too much in an online “room” where you’re not necessarily visually connecting with the students just doesn’t work.
Virtual teaching challenges you as an educator to figure out how to really explain what you’re doing in a way that people will be able to understand without looking over your shoulder.

Do you have any advice for educators struggling with digital education?

Take digital classes. There are SO MANY free classes available now. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars or travel anywhere. Once you take the classes, you’ll know what it feels like to be on the other end of the computer and that will give you ideas on how to improve your own classes.
We’re all new to this digital education experience. Just get comfortable with the setup and remember that it’s like the first day of school: No one needs to be nervous because everyone is nervous.

What are your favorite products from Keune?

It’s so hard to choose, but I love Style Precision Powder. It is easy to use and provides buildable texture—especially now that many of us are wearing our hair up more for sanitation, it is a great product for making your hair look cute while also keeping it out of your face.

Did you have a New Years resolution? How’s it going?

This is actually the first year that I chose not to do a New Year’s resolution; this year I wanted to focus on just letting things happen organically and taking everything as it comes.

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