Introducing the Premier Arrival Guarantee


We are so excited to announce the launch of our new Premier ARRIVAL GUARANTEE program, starting on May 1, 2023. This program is exclusively for customers shopping on within territory states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

The Premier ARRIVAL GUARANTEE program means if you plan to order by 3pm CST/4pm EST it is guaranteed to arrive in 2 business days or less or the shipping is FREE!

“We are thrilled to offer this new program to our customers," said Steve Cohn, CEO of Premier Beauty Supply. "We understand the importance of fast and reliable shipping, especially in the beauty industry. We believe that this program will continue to enhance the trust our clients have in us as their partners as we strive to continue to provide a gold standard service.” – Steve Cohn

Benefit of the Program:

1. Customers can order later – by 3pm CST | 4pm EST to take advantage of the shipping guarantee.
2. Fast Delivery - Peace of mind knowing that if their order will arrive within 2 business days.
3. Proactive communication from Premier Beauty Supply's Client Services Team if there is a delay in shipping.
4. Easy access to the best beauty supply products within the territory states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

If any of these situations occur, you will be responsible for paying the shipping fees associated with your order. You will not receive free shipping if:
  • You were not present to accept the shipment when it arrived, and we had to re-deliver.
  • There is a strike by our delivery company.
  • A truck breaks down or sortation delay.
  • There are weather-related delays.
  • There are issues with COD at the time of arrival.
  • If the customer changes the previously submitted delivery address with UPS when the order is in transit.
  • Does not apply to preorders.
  • In the event the shipment is not received by the customer due to damage caused by the carrier, the product will be reshipped free of cost to the customer. No additional free shipping will be awarded.

We received so much great feedback following the release of your In-Stock Guarantee last year, so we wanted to keep raising the bar for our customers and give our salons best possible experience when shopping with Premier Beauty.

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