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DOO.OVER is Your New Favorite KEVIN.MURPHY Product


By Erin Gignac

Lived-in, bedhead or disheveled. Whatever you call the trend that’s taking hold in modern day hairstyling, achieve the look with the new DOO.OVER by KEVIN.MURPHY.

“It’s really everything that we were missing,” said Marissa Lauren, Texture Director and Extension Specialist for Studio 110 Salon in Chicago.

A mix of POWDER.PUFF, SESSION.SPRAY and FRESH.HAIR, this product completes the texture area in the KEVIN.MURPHY line. The spray nozzle gives the stylist complete control on where to place the volumizing product while the dry shampoo element keeps your hair soft and clean—like it’s just been washed.

“I think this is huge for the KEVIN.MURPHY line,” she said. “This is that one product you find that transforms the way you style hair.”

What are you waiting for? DOO.OVER is available now. Here are some tips and tricks to use with the product:

• Spray into Day 2 hair to preserve a blowout from the day before.
• Lessen the texture and intensity by spraying further away from the head.
• Use on clients with fine hair to achieve volume without teasing.
• After curling a client’s hair, turn their head upside down and spray DOO.OVER underneath to create volume and space.

“It gives you the space and air you can’t get with teasing or backcombing—especially in the fringe area.”

Sure, excessive teasing and backcombing adds a lot of volume, but it doesn’t provide the movement that today’s hairstyles require. The volume that DOO.OVER creates is impressive—something hard to achieve with simple backcombing, especially on bangs or other areas with less hair to work with.

“I’m loving it on updos for ladies that have fine hair.”

Clients will also love using this 2-in-1 product because it saves time. Maybe they’ve used POWDER.PUFF but think it’s too grippy or they’ve tried FRESH.HAIR but don’t like the grittiness or the way it changes their style. This product is a blend of both and doesn’t leave behind any white residue.

“I feel like it’s an even marriage between the two products. It’s just enough texture and hold like POWDER.PUFF and it also clears your hair like FRESH.HAIR and adds beautiful, clean space.”

With this new product, you can apply the volume exactly where you want it, all while keeping the clean but natural look. To order KEVIN.MURPHY DOO.OVER, visit Premier Beauty and stock your shelves before the holidays.

Erin Gignac covers stories for Premier Beauty. Follow her on Twitter or view more of her work here

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