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COLOR.ME Testimonial—“I feel like the product has helped us help other people.”


By Erin Gignac

“I have to tell you, we have three salons and we just made the change to Kevin Murphy COLOR.ME—every single person loves it.

One of the reasons why we love it: it’s predictable. We also love the low inventory control. Being able to just use developers to change and interchange the products is great. I notice that every single client’s hair looks incredibly shiny.

I am loving the blondes and the toners! I cannot believe how beautiful they look. Every client has just been so happy with our change.

I even have a guest that has been so allergic to hair color that she’s never been able to have it. She was able to come in today and get her hair colored—and she was crying when she left. She looked beautiful and couldn’t believe how we were able to match her hair color perfectly to what she was when she was younger.

I feel like the product has helped us help other people. We love that. Go Kevin Murphy! Thank you for the color and we can’t wait to grow with you.”

Erin Gignac covers stories for Premier Beauty. Follow her on Twitter and view more of her work here


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