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The Perfect Red for Every Part of the Season


Red hair color is perfect for standing out this winter. The fiery hues give the wearer an easy flair while highlighting their best features. As Betsy Reyes once said, "Everybody should go red at least once."

Not only is this a fun change of pace for stylists, but clients will also walk out of the salon confident and loving their bold new look. Red hair brings out the natural blush in the skin, giving the wearer a natural rosy glow to compliment all your winter Instagram pics. The vibrancy of red hair also ensures you're client is never lost in a crowd. Having redheaded clients also shows newer customers that the stylist and salon have the range to try fun, season-appropriate things. This spotlight-effect boosts their confidence by making the wearer confident and increases the stylist's fame through word of mouth.

There are many shades of red, so let’s talk about where to start. Premier Beauty Supply has created the perfect color-of-the-season guide to determine which red you should choose. If it's early in the year and the air is just getting crisp, light ginger might be your best move.

This look is gentle and subtle, perfect for easing into the colder weather without being too bold. This means that pumpkins and autumn's fall colors will compliment your client's look, perfect for photo ops. Keep your client's color in place when you use Aloxxi's ColourLock Post-Color Finisher. This finisher is cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and ensures that the client walks out with healthier, vibrant, more durable hair.

Then, when the first frost hits, you might ease clients into a darker copper color to warm up their look. This will complement the changing leaves of fall and the more orange and brown tones of clothes that come with it.

Think more along the lines of Thanksgiving and the warm hues that surround it. Clients will love the more natural roots with the little edge of red. The Evolution of Color³ 8.4 - Light Copper Blonde by Alfaparf gives the client that red tinge while also having the perfect undertone of copper.

Once the temperature drops to snowy weather, you can darken it up to some cherry shades to contrast their hair against the snowy background. Your clients will be a pop of color against the striking white scenery.

Red for the colder holidays is classic. These rich tones and vibrant hues will have family members asking your clients where they go to do their hair. To give your customers a long-lasting, rich tone of red, the experts at Premier Beauty Supply suggest Precious Nature 7.66 - Medium Intense Red Blonde by Alfaparf. This luxurious dye is made with natural ingredients for gentler touch-ups.

If you'd like to find other products to give your clients the perfect red, browse through From there, you'll be able to find all the latest trends and high-end products to pamper your customers.

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