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Premier Beauty Team Picks the Best Hair Care Products for Summer 2019


Here’s a chance for stylists who grew up in the ‘90s to use the old proverbial wisdom from the greatest infomercial of all time: “Set it and forget it.” That’s right, tell clients that stressing over their hair is a thing of the past by recommending some of the best hair care products for summer 2019, as suggested by the Premier Beauty team.

Whether clients are walking down the aisle, getting in a run after work, or slipping into a deep, dreamy sleep on the beach (after applying a healthy dose of SPF, of course), their hair can be an afterthought.

Erin Coleman at Premier Beauty

Erin Coleman, Sales & Development Coordinator

Favorite Product: Alfaparf Milano PIGMENTS

Why? It's taken roughly two years for me to work my way across the color wheel from midnight black to beachy blonde. Now with just a few pumps of Alfaparf PIGMENTS mixed into my conditioner, I can pull off just about any temporary fashion color I've ever wanted. Because it rinses out after several washes, I am not forced to fully commit to rose gold locks! A must for summer, I'd say!

Who would it be good for? Alfaparf PIGMENTS are not limited to blondes! They also reflect beautifully on brunettes who are looking for more dimension or depth, as well as those who have never colored their hair but want to give something not-so-permanent a shot!

Jennifer Lowe at Premier Beauty

Jennifer Lowe, Account Executive for West Cleveland

Favorite Product: ELEVEN Australia’s Miracle Leave-in Treatment

Why? It offers UVA/UVB sun protection, heat protection, detangles, moisturizes and adds shine. Just apply to damp hair and go! I love that its lightweight formula sinks into fine hair without making it oily or heavy.

Who would it be good for? This foundational product is for everyone and any hair type that wants to reduce frizz and protect from the elements; it’s cruelty-free and smells like a beach vacation—and it retails for only $22!

Amy Winters at Premier Beauty

Amy Winters, Account Executive

Favorite Product: Milbon Anti-Frizz Humidity Blocking Oil

Why? It’s super lightweight. Going into the summer season, it not only fights frizz and is anti-humectant but it also contains the SSVR-Silk protein so I know my hair is getting stronger every time I use it.

Who would it be good for? Everyone from fine to coarse hair that needs a little help with smoothing the cuticle and fighting humidity.

Allison Gross at Premier Beauty

Allison Gross, Marketing Assistant

Favorite Product: SignatureBlonde Violet Shampoo by ColorProof

Why? In the summer, my hair goes through a lot more wear-and-tear than other seasons due to higher usage of heat tools and more exposure to chlorine. Because of this, I tend not to get my hair colored as often during the season to save it from some unnecessary damage. As a result, I heavily rely on a good purple or violet shampoo for blondes to keep my hair looking as bright as it did when I left the salon.

I have found after trying many shampoos meant for color that the one product that truly works the best is from ColorProof. After using their SignatureBlonde Violet Shampoo, I can instantly see a difference in my hair, and I love the way it makes it feel. I also love that you don’t have to use a lot of the product for optimum results and it smells amazing!

Who would it be good for? I would recommend this to someone with either blonde, grey, or light brown hair that’s trying to keep it looking lighter this summer.

Enjoying summer is challenging when any blow of the wind, glint of the sun, or ounces of humidity is knocking clients’ hair out of its shape. Advise that they change up their summer hair care routine with these products from Premier Beauty—stock up on our website.

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