How to Style Vivid Hair Colors


Photo Courtesy of @aloxxihair and @alfaparfusa on Instagram
Photo Courtesy of @aloxxihair and @alfaparfusa on Instagram
With so many styles out there, what really grabs potential clients’ and brand’s attention? We’ve picked out some of our favorite styles to inspire you, so you don’t have to scroll through various hair pages.

1. Infinity Braids

Infinity braids will always be eye-catching, especially when the hair color varies in dimension. Give the hair a great foundation with ColorProof’s Protect Foam Mousse designed for color-treated hair. It will give the hair the needed body and fullness to create the perfect braid while prolonging the color’s life. Add different types of braids to give the infinity braid more character.

2. Mustafa Avci Type Waves

When you are creating Mustafa Avci type waves, the glossier, the better. Prepare the hair with Keune Blend Gloss Spray to provide shine with a grease-proof definition. Next, use Moroccanoil Perfect Defense to protect against the damaging effects of hot tools when you create the waves. Your client’s hair will shine like there is no tomorrow!

3. Half-Up Braids

Half-up braids are a simple, yet elegant style—when you mix it with neon and vibrant shades, the style is show-stopping. Keune Care Keratin Smooth Serum is your go-to to create this style. Use it throughout the hair to smooth the top half and create a frizz-free braid that will accentuate the different colors. As a thermal protectant, this product also allows you to use hot tools to give the ends some pizzazz with waves.


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4. Shine Line Hair

Help your client show the gradient flow of vivids by straightening their tresses. A stylist’s No. 1 rule when using hot tools is to use a heat protectant of course, especially on colored hair. Use Alfaparf’s #1 best-selling product, Semi Di Lino Diamond Cristalli Liquidi! It protects both the hair and color from damage.


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5. Updos

Volume is essential when it comes to updos, especially when showing off this cool of hair color. Use Keune Care Absolute Volume Mousse to add body and shine while protecting hair from heat damage, if hot tools are needed. As it strengthens and nourishes the hair from the inside out, it will be voluminous and full without weighing the updo down.


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6. Loose waves

When you’re in doubt of how to style your vivid hair color, a good choice is always loose waves. Create stunning tousled waves with Keune Blend Salt Mousse. It adds volume, texture and lift adding the perfect oomph to hair that wants; beach waves without having to go to the beach.


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7. Boxer Braids

Boxer braids are always neat, sleek, and tight. Plus, they pull all the color into the braid for a unique effect down the hair. To accomplish this look use ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment before braiding to deliver moisture, shine, smoothness and softness the hair needs.


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