Fall 2020 Hair Explained in 4 Trendy Looks


Fall is here! Changing seasons means new hairstyles and for that? We. Are. Psyched. Instagram baddies and fashion week goers have already begun to inspire the beauty community with their creative and bold looks. Read below to figure out how to get ahead of all the latest autumn hairstyles.

Go A Little Darker This Fall

Like we said, fall is the season of change. That being said, don’t be afraid to go as drastic as you want. That means mohawks, blunt bangs, and sculptural updos. To get your new, edgy look to stay in place, try Strong Hold Styling Paste by ELEVEN Australia. Then, to ensure that you keep your new style looking slick and locked-in, try the LUMINOUS HAIRSPRAY EXTRA STRONG by MOROCCANOIL. This argan-infused hairspray ensures that even the most demanding hairstyles can fight off humidity and frizz all day.

Bright, Neon Roots

Celebrities such as Billie Eilish have disrupted the hair community by donning brilliant roots of neon colors. These vibrant hues are becoming more popular within the artistic community and have gained more traction as autumn approaches. This look is sure to fit in with Halloween's colors and the chic, elegant styles of colder weather. If you want to test out this bold look, check out Neon Green by Aloxxi. This semi-permanent hair dye will give you a taste of those colorful roots without having to commit fully.

Sleek, Oiled Back Hair

Chic, oiled-back hair is showing up more and more in fashion magazines and runways. This look creates sculpted, clean lines, drawing more attention to the face. Although this look might seem like it’s slicked with oil, there’s a cleaner way to get this style. First, blow-dry your hair in the typical slicked-back style. Then, pin the hair in place and use a straightener to gradually smooth the hair into the desired place. Smooth it out with The Açai Brazilian Dry Oil by Brazilian Blowout will give your hair the desired wet shine. KEVIN.MURPHY’s NIGHT.RIDER will give you the strong hold you need to keep the style perfectly slicked-back and in place.

The ’70s is Back, Baby

Bangs, barrettes, and big hair are the names of the game. To achieve this look, curl and gently tease the hair for lift and volume. Volumizing powder also is a huge help. With options like POWDER.PUFF by KEVIN.MURPHY, you’re sure to get the big, fluffy hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Whatever style you choose to switch up your look for the upcoming change in weather, we’re sure you’ll look great doing it. Check out more blogs and luxury beauty products at Who is your favorite fashion icon? What will your hair favorite be this fall?