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We Matched 4 Unique Clients With Their Perfect Holiday Box Set


There’s nothing wrong with encouraging your clients to give themselves a little gift for the holidays. Whether it’s for a client, their family member, or their friend, buying a limited edition Holiday Gift Set is always the move. Premier Beauty Supply offers a variety of boxes to choose from. What will you treat them to?

For Those Who Need a Complete Reset

If your client is someone who loves to get their hair colored and uses heat tools on a daily basis, we have the holiday gift set for them. The Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Holiday Box is perfect for those who need a complete hair reset. These products are for those clients who maybe went a little overboard with the at-home hair DIYs, teasing, or heat-styling. This box includes Moroccanoil’s MOISTURE REPAIR SHAMPOO, MOISTURE REPAIR CONDITIONER, and RESTORATIVE REPAIR MASK. Not only are these products infused with the sweet natural smell of argan oil, but they also rescue all hair types from the brink of frizz and damage by giving the hair a blast of hydration.

The Hair Skeptic

This client doesn’t believe in influencers. They believe in science and results. If they’re someone who needs to see it to believe it, the Living Proof PH Dry Shampoo Duo Holiday box is for them. Living Proof is perfect for those who are DIY-averse and prefer to leave their hair care to the professionals. In this box, you’ll find products that live up to the slogan, “we are the science, you are the proof.” These include the sought-after PhD Dry Shampoo in both regular and mini sizes. This dry shampoo is a perfect hair day in a bottle while also being silicone-free. Stylists and scientists collaborated to craft scientifically-proven, top-tier products. Premier compiled some of the best-sellers to give your clients the hair they deserve.

The Earth Lovers

This client is adamant about finding products that love the earth as much as they love hair. World-renowned stylist innovation meets an eco-conscious movement in the KEVIN.MURPHY SHINE BRIGHT Prepack Holiday Box. This is for all the hair care enthusiasts who want luxury and to take steps to save our planet. This box includes weightless products, such as the HYDRATE.ME WASH, HYDRATE.ME RINSE, and YOUNG.AGAIN Treatment to give your clients hair the healthy feeling they deserve.

All Natural Gal

They love yoga, plants, and recycling. They probably take hikes in the morning to appreciate how beautiful the earth is. Most importantly, this client only uses products that are all-natural and brands they can trust. If they value brands that make their own product, the Loma Holiday Daily Duo box is for them. This natural hair care sources formulates and fills all their own products to ensure there’s natural premium quality in every product. This box has the Daily Shampoo and Daily Conditioner. If your client is passionate about raw materials and natural health, this box is full of products that’ll make their day.

These are just some of the many holiday boxes we’re offering for the season. Click here for more of our holiday box favorites - you might find some other great deals and products along the way.

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