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The Best Products of January 2019


Admitting that there are easier ways to do things is not always, well, easy. However, sometimes doing things more effectively means investing in tried-and-true hair products, that’s it! It’s not complicated and never goes out of style. For those wanting to “Marie Kondo” their salon purchasing, keep things simple and consider this list of our top products from January.

Keune Tinta 6.00 Ultimate Coverage Dark Blonde - Tinta Color

Topping the list is Keune’s most popular Tinta color shade of Dark Blonde, now even more versatile with the Ultimate Coverage Dark Blonde that’s designed for clients with more than 50% gray hair. We’d say we didn’t see it coming, but this product to our website was what Titanic was to the 1997 Academy Awards.
Keune Tinta Color

Brazilian Blowout Anti-Frizz Shampoo

Every good stylist knows that the Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner extends the life of a Brazilian Blowout, but it’s also great for smoothing hair that’s been damaged from years of straightening or coloring, treatment or not. If clients aren’t ready to try a Brazilian Blowout, they can fake it with this shampoo. The aftercare products—and the results they’ll see—may just be the tipping point into them giving the Brazilian Blowout a go.
Brazilian Blowout Shampoo


Pop one in a purse, give away with a gift card, or just make remarks about how cute it is. Our top-selling KEVIN.MURPHY product now comes in a 1.1-ounce size, which means it can go more places! FREE.HOLD is a great alternative to hair gel—it gives that excellent hold without crunchiness, and if that isn’t enough to convince a client, the expensive fragrance of Bergamot and Vanilla will do the trick.


Not having this product for styling is almost like not keeping milk, eggs, and bread on hand at home; that’s how vital it is. Most clients are looking for weightless volume, and this product delivers. A customer favorite, BEDROOM.HAIR is a flexible, texturizing hairspray that clients won’t even know they have on their hair.

Unite 7Seconds Condition Leave-In Detangler

Save time behind the chair and use this to detangle the most medusa-like heads of hair before the blow-dry. Most clients are in the market for some type of heat protectant, so make an easy sell with this industry standard.

Hotheads Essentials Extensions Tape Tabs

You know what they say: You can never have enough...tape tabs. It’s true, though, and having an ample supply of these pre-cut, rounded, medical grade tape tabs on hand makes it easier to readjust extensions during follow-up appointments without the fear of running out.

ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment

We all have a go-to outfit that does it all; consider this leave-in treatment the hair product equivalent of that #ootd. There are 11 benefits (get it) to this described on the bottle, including frizz control, heat protection, and split end prevention. What are its disadvantages? Well, rumor has it that if you don’t recommend it to at least five clients, you’ll get a curse, just like those old chain emails of the ‘90s.

Don’t think too hard; our top products represent the best we have to offer and will spark joy with stylists and clients. Log in and register on Premier Beauty to start shopping.

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