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Summer Hair TLC: What Products We're Reaching for to Repair Damage


Every season, there’s always specific advice that hairstylists are telling their clients. During the winter, it’s to use a hydration mask to get extra moisture for dry or brittle hair. During the Fall, it’s to stay away from the box dyes and come to the salon if they want their hair a darker color- no matter how eager they are. During the Spring, it’s to book your Brazilian Blowout appointments early, so you can avoid the unwanted frizz from the humid weather coming. And well, during the summer, it’s to keep hair out of chlorine when going swimming.

As people who generally all live in the Midwest, a rite-of-passage of the summertime is to go to the pool, which is why hairstylists’ summer advice might not fully get through to their customer’s heads. Some advice that Premier Beauty can offer is to take advantage of those repair treatments. Try recommending a repair treatment in the salon or an at home repair product to help rebuild the damage that they may have caused by relaxing a little too much on the pool floaties this summer.

Check out below some of our favorite repair systems and how these lines can help create healthy and strong hair for the long-term.

Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Reconstruction

For those clients that you’re starting to question if they lived in the pool, we recommend using something stronger to take care of the damage than your usual fix. A repair system that could be the perfect match for a client like this would be Alfaparf Milano’s Semi Di Lino Reconstruction line. This line is made up of products that work to repair and strengthen previously damaged hair. With their combination of natural ingredients that are rich in Silicon, these products work together to help reconstruct the hair’s integrity.

For the at home treatment, we recommend giving your clients the Reparative Mask and Anti-Breakage Daily Fluid from this line. The Reparative Mask will intensely condition your client’s hair to further reconstruct the hair fiber deep down. When used regularly, it increases the hair’s resistance of breakage, therefore making it healthier. The Anti-Breakage Daily Fluid is the perfect product to apply after getting cleaned. This product finalizes the reconstruction process for hair by sealing the cuticles and creating an effective protective barrier around the hair fibers.

ColorProof Baobab Heal & Repair

For a client who loves to incorporate natural found ingredients into all aspects of their life, ColorProof’s Baobab Heal & Repair Line might be the perfect group of products for them. Each product is made from the Baobab superfruit, which smooths and revitalizes hair, while delivering maximum color longevity. Mainly found in Madagascar, Africa and Australia, the baobab tree can be known as the “Tree of Life”, due to it producing fruit in dry and harsh weather seasons. These fruits are full of fortifying nutrients, which is what goes into such hair products that use baobab as an ingredient. For ColorProof’s Heal & Repair Line, they combine baobab and other luxurious ingredients to increase strength and to repair even the most damaged hair.

A good duo to recommend to your client is their Baobab Heal & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. After use, due to the essential oils being incorporated into the hair from the baobab, hair feels drastically reborn and radically repaired from previous damage that it may have been caused. It also helps eliminate and prevent frizz from happening after use and rehydrates dried out or damaged hair.

ELEVEN Repair My Hair

ELEVEN Australia’s Repair My Hair Line is something that Joey Scandizzo, Celebrity Hair Stylist and Co-Creative Director of ELEVEN Australia, likes to call a “big green protein shake for your hair,”.

With a powerful range of natural ingredients found in this Shampoo & Conditioner duo, this product line is perfect for any and all hair types that need a little extra TLC. Derived from Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Amino Acids found in Quinoa, this line has each ingredient work together to help repair possible damage to the hair and also to the scalp. After using these products, they will keep hair protected from future heat damage caused by styling tools, increase hair volume for that perfect full-bodied look, and begin to rebuild the bond structure of the hair strands.

Keune Hair Cosmetics Care Vital Nutrition

When your clients just can’t stop diving into the pool, Keune Hair Cosmetics’ Care Vital Nutrition line is the perfect group of products for them to use. According to Keune Hair Cosmetics’ website, they like to think of this line as TLC for hair in a bottle. Made up of 6 different products, this line has a formula that is rich with a blend of five essential minerals that leaves hair feeling healthy and soft. The Nutri-Injection Technology found in this Care line helps hair form a protective barrier around each and every strand, then shields against UV rays that may cause color fade or scalp burn.

Two products we love using together in this line is Care Vital Nutrition Porosity Filler and the Protein Spray. Keune Care’s Vital Nutrition Porosity Filler is a concentrated cream that protects hair from dehydration, environmental damages and harmful UV rays while creating smooth, soft, and shiny hair. After using this product, add the Care Vital Nutrition Protein Spray into hair to protect it and the scalp from further damage caused by heat styling tools.

Living Proof Restore

Something we love about the brand Living Proof is that they have hair care lines that are made for specific hair types. They look at challenges that hair may endure during daily wear and tear, seasonal changes that might impact hair texture, and also how to create a product that is long lasting for the optimum amount of use. That is why we love how their Restore line performs, especially during these summer months. Living Proof’s Restore line is made up of 8 products that all target specific areas of scalp and hair health. This line in particular is meant for transforming hair to make it look and feel visibly healthier, while making it have long-term strength and durability.

This line features two leave-in products that we love to use during the summer. The first is the Dry Scalp treatment, that is generally used during the nighttime. Add a couple of drops to the scalp before bed and feel instant hydration and lasting relief from a dry or itchy scalp. The other product we love using is perfect to use after washing the hair. The Restore Repair Leave-In spray acts as a leave-in treatment to transform dry or damaged hair into something silky smooth.

Milbon Repair

Give your clients some repair care in-and-out of the salon with Milbon’s Repair Professional and At-Home Care. Their professional Repair service helps reconstruct damaged hair through their innovative conditioning treatment, available for both fine and coarse hair. They’re at-home care products are perfect to pair as an after-care regiment for customers, so they can optimize their hair treatments to their fullest potential. With notes of grapefruit, raspberry, rose and peony, your clients will be begging to get their hands on this delicious smelling and effective hair care line.

A product we are loving from this line is the Restorative Blowout Primer. This lightweight restorative cream powered by Milbon’s innovative Dual-Repair Technology repairs and preps hair for styling. It then enhances the performance of blowouts done in the salon or at home and offers optimal protection from heat tools.

UNITE RE:UNITE Repair System

Restart your clients hair health with UNITE’s RE:UNITE Repair System! This line launched late last year, and we still cannot get enough of the products featured in it. This system works together to repair and strengthen dry or damaged hair by cleansing and conditioning it deeply. With the main ingredient being Keracyn (aka artichoke leaf), it adds proteins to help protect and strengthen hair, while maintaining shine and hair color brightness.

An easy fix for your clients to add to their hair routine is incorporating the RE:UNITE Treatment into their weekly hair regiments. This treatment repairs and reinforces the cuticle and prevents future cell damage, while restoring hair’s elasticity. With extended use of this product, your clients will see great improvement to their hair’s strength throughout their head.

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