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Products for Every Occasion with Style Stories


Let’s face it, hairstyles have become an important element of everyday life. Today, everything is shareable, and every moment a part of history: it’s all about the most common situations.

Alfaparf Style Stories are a complete line of styling products to tackle every occasion with the right style because our client’s look always has an interesting story to tell. Shop now at Premier Beauty.

Blow Dry Cream: a special day, every day.

Do not limit the pursuit of perfection to special occasion hairstyles; BLOW DRY CREAM is the solution for dreamy curls, every day.

Sea Spray: beach all year round.

For those clients who are always dreaming about being on vacation, SEA SPRAY, with its “beachy hair” effect, brings the beach to the city.

Texturizing Dry Shampoo: ready in no time.

For those clients who live every moment with passion, TEXTURIZING DRY SHAMPOO manages to revive any look in an instant.

Fiber Paste: a head start in business.

For those clients who like to express themselves with confidence and have clear ideas, FIBER PASTE gives a bold look with plenty of movement.

Glossy Pomade: like a first date.

For those who never cease to amaze and always want to shine, GLOSSY POMADE, with its extra-gloss, gives you everything you need to style your client’s hair.

Wet Gel: sport, & style.

For those clients who think that sport and style are synonyms, WET GEL gives precision and flexibility to every look.

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