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Premier is All About The Curl.


Curly hair is gorgeous, voluminous, and full of life. However, it can also be picky and unruly when it comes to certain hair care products. Give your clients whatever curl type they want with the variety of products available at Premier. Keep your client’s curls tight, defined, and smooth with products that nourish the hair, or go big and bold and embrace their volume.

Style Stories Twisted Curls

Own your curls with Alfaparf’s Style Stories Twisted Curls. This curl cream formula enhances and amplifies each individual curl. The result is perfect for someone looking for the perfect balance of volume and definition.

TruCurl Perfecting Conditioner and Shampoo

This combo is perfect for those curly-haired beauties who are looking to cleanse and hydrate while keeping their curl pattern and color. The TruCurl Perfecting Shampoo delivers 96% color retention after 10 washes. This means that it gently cleanses without weighing curls down. Follow it up with TruCurl’s Perfecting Conditioner, this deeply hydrates and disperses weightless moisture throughout the hair. The goji berry and melon essence leave the user with soft and bouncy curls.

ELEVEN Keep My Curl Cream

ELEVEN’s Keep My Curl Cream is perfect for those who want seriously defined curls. Use when wet and when the hair dries, the client is left with flawlessly shiny curls. This cream banishes frizz with avocado oil. Clients with curly hair often struggle with keeping their length. This cream is nourishing enough that it encourages the hair to retain its health and elasticity, so they can build up that strength and get their desired look.

Alfaparf’s Precious Nature Curly/Wavy Hair with Grape and Lavendar

This oil detangles your tress’ and softens. If your hair is looking a little dry, this is oil is your saving grace. The lavender within this formula gives curl definition and shine while keeping your volume. The nourishing ingredients breathe life into hair and leave it with a lovely aroma.

Treat and nourish your curls to the max when you browse the curl page on our website. After the process to get your locks where they are today, you deserve to treat yourself to some high quality products and to set your boundaries. Keep your hair defined and protected. We’ll leave you with the one cardinal rule of having curly hair: Don’t. Let. Strangers. Touch it.

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