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Personalize Hair Color with the New Alfaparf PIGMENTS


Alfaparf PIGMENTS has no limits. It colors everything.

“The color actually adapts to its environment, whether it’s acid or alkaline,” Teri Guardino, Director of Education for Alfaparf Milano North America, said.

The liquid pigments, available May 1 at Premier Beauty, can be mixed into all services and a variety of products for color customization in-salon and for your clients to use at home. The ease of use makes PIGMENTS an easy upsell for stylists looking to personalize a client’s hair color and educate them about home maintenance.

“We want to make sure they’re going home with the correct regime that’s been customized just for them,” Guardino said.

Alfaparf PIGMENTS is composed of six pure, ultra-concentrated intermixable pigments: Gold (0.3), Copper (0.4), Red (0.6), Ash Gold (0.13), Golden Mahogany (0.35) and Violet Ash (0.21).

The PIGMENTS line also includes a sulfate- and mineral oil-free Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Mask. These products were created specifically for PIGMENTS to ensure perfect stability so they can be color customized for the clients to take home.

PIGMENTS can be used at any stage of the salon appointment—and beyond. Add to permanent color to make a red brighter or to mute a brassy tone. Revitalize someone’s color with a pigmented mask or treatment vial at the backbar. Mix with mousse, gel or paste to experiment with a funky color. Send your client home with a customized, pigmented Hydrating Shampoo and Mask to preserve color.

It’s the first color product in the market that can be used during a smoothing service, Guardino said. The non-permanent, non-damaging product is added to the neutralizer during perms and smoothing treatments to ensure the color doesn’t lift. The pigments work in any pH level, whether the service is alkaline or acidic.

Customized Products and Services for Clients

The customizability allows stylists to tailor hair care to each client, much like a doctor would prescribe specific medicine to treat a condition. Customizing a client’s service or prescribing a specific product shows them that after care is important.

“Clients pay a lot of money to get their hair color done. Why not use a customized product regimen to help you maintain it between services?”

Color During the Smoothing Service, Not Just Before or After

“The most impressive thing for me is that you can add it into your smoothing treatment, smoothing the hair and enhancing your clients color at the same time.”

PIGMENTS can be used during a smoothing service, which makes it a unique professional category for hair color. Normally, you can color before and after but not during. When added to the Smoothing Treatment, it will enrich or correct the color during the service. (Patent Pending)

“Some things that you can do with PIGMENTS are so amazing. The technology that Alfaparf created has never been done before. When I tell you the only thing you can’t do it is eat it, that’s where we’re at!”

How to Use Alfaparf PIGMENTS

In-Salon Professional Hair Color Services
• Create new shades
• Re-pigmentation
• In the color mixture to enhance or adjust the color result
• It can be used in any color brand

In-Salon Professional Hair Care Services
• Revitalize color in a customized treatment
• Customize color in all treatments
• Refresh a natural or cosmetic color
• Shine service
• Mix with shampoo, conditioner, mask, vials or water

In-Salon Professional Texture Services
• During a smoothing service/straightening service
• During a perm/relaxer service
• Mix with LISSE DESIGN, straightening or perming systems* (*only to be use in the neutralizers)

In-Salon Professional Styling Services

• Enrich styling with color
• Mix with mousse gel, and paste

Customize your client’s services and products so they can maintain their salon-quality hair color. Buy Alfaparf PIGMENTS and browse the entire Alfaparf line at Premier Beauty.

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