Our Lightener Cheat Sheet


If you’re in love with vibrant hues and brilliant color, you’ll probably require a flawless base. As a stylist, you need a lightener that’s powerful enough to lift color but gentle enough to leave the hair healthy. There are many options to choose from; that’s why Premier Beauty has made a list of some of our best lighteners that we offer. Read our quick and easy cheat sheet below to find the right one for you.

Milbon SOPHISTONE Lighteners: Elite Clay and Elite Powder

Get in control with Milbon’s SOPHISTONE Lighteners. SOPHISTONE Lightener is designed with PolyShieldTM that provides built-in protection. The Elite Clay and Elite powder are not only made with added protection, but they’re also powerful. These both have a lightening power that lifts up to 9 levels. The clay and powder formulas have quality consistency and are easy to apply to give your clients the best experience.


The ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER is designed for maximum lift and clean results. Preserve your hair health while also achieving a brilliant shade of blonde. This formula is made from naturally derived ingredients, so you trust what’s going on in your client’s hair. A key ingredient is fruit sugar, which offers natural support during the lighting process. This means that your clients get strong, healthy hair even after lightening.

Bleach 9 Levels of Lift by Alfaparf YELLOW

Alfaparf YELLOW is created with special pigments that enrich the formula. Ironically, this lightener is great for correcting unwanted yellow or orange tones in the hair, leaving you with a cleaner blonde. It’s great to use for a color removal treatment, and it’s gentle enough for scalp application. As the name implies, this lightener can get you nine whole levels of lift.

Lightener by Sunlights Balayage

Sunlights Balayage’s Lightener offers six levels of lift, no heat, and is perfect for creating an elegant balayage effect. The Kaolin within this formula provides excellent consistency and saturates the strands, creating even coverage.

Create impressive styles and bold colors using these lighteners as a base. All of the lighteners offered at Premier are high quality and powerful enough to lift how you need them to. For more products to achieve brilliant looks, check out our lightener section.

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