Leave It to the Leave-In Hair Products


Leave-in sprays and treatments are the perfect cherry on top of anyone’s hair routine. Not only can they keep hair moisturized and hydrated, but they also can help detangle, protect, and add extra strength to previously damaged hair. As people who work in the hair industry, we know about these benefits and use them without a second thought because of our knowledge of hair health. But how do your clients feel about taking an extra step during their hair routine? In the words of Allure Magazine, “leave-in conditioners are to your hair what moisturizers are to your face.” Clients must realize that these products are essential to their hair health, especially if they're getting their hair colored, lightened, have curly hair, or are just experiencing extra wear-and-tear from a colder climate.

Need somewhere to start with giving product recommendations for specific clients? Check out our list below of some of our favorite brands' leave-in products.

Alfaparf Milano Precious Nature Pure Color Protection Leave-In Spray with Almond & Pistachio

This product is perfect for those with colored hair who want added protection. Alfaparf Milano’s Precious Nature Pure Color Protection Leave-In Spray with Almond & Pistachio is specially formulated to help maximize color protection, so those with color-treated hair can prolong vibrancy and color duration.

The two main ingredients of Almond and Pistachio add extra benefits to the hair in addition to the color protection. The almond keeps the strands extra nourished and conditioned, while the Pistachio helps prolong the color intensity of hair and add shine. This is the perfect all-in-one leave-in product for all hair types.

Aloxxi Essential 7 Oil Leave-In Conditioning Cream

The Aloxxi Essential 7 Oil Leave-In Conditioning Cream is perfect for those who have extra dry or brittle hair due to the summer sun.

This conditioning cream helps detangle unruly hair, while also restoring hydration and elasticity.

With a unique blend of Apple, Fresh Fig, and Pear, this hair-saving product truly awakens those tired-out hair strands to make it look vibrant and revitalized.

ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment

The namesake of this product is 100% true: it is a MIRACLE! Eleven Australia's Miracle Hair Treatment comes in two variations for the preferred type of application: Spray or Lotion.

With both having the same eleven added benefits, the only difference in these products is the scent. With the makeup of the ingredients including Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, and Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, they all work together to help strengthen, repair, and condition the hair. Suited for all hair types, this product is a must-have for anyone!

Ethica Ageless Daily Topical

One of the biggest complaints a hairstylist can hear from their client is that their hair just doesn't seem to grow. Ethica Agless Daily Topical can help fix that statement and change it to, "my hair can't stop growing!"

This lightweight and residue-free leave-in mist provides hair with added nutrients to accelerate the speed of hair growth, while also maximizing the potential of healthier hair in any hair type. Recommend this to your clients who want to grow out their hair and those clients who want extra help to keep their hair healthy and strong.

Keune Haircosmetics So Pure Color Care Leave-In Spray

Keune Haircosmetics' So Pure Color Care Leave-In Spray is more than just your average leave-in spray; it's a conditioning multitasker.

This sulfate-free leave-in spray keeps hair moisturized while also strengthening, balancing, detangling, and protecting hair from harmful UV rays. This keeps hair looking like it had just been touched up at the salon and prevents color fade from happening early on.


Restore and repair hair with KEVIN. MURPHY's LEAVE-IN.REPAIR. This leave-in treatment keeps hair nourished and looking shiny, glossy, and weightless after use.

This product continues working for up to 24 hours after application to combat previous and future damage while restoring porosity to dried-out hair. This is the perfect product to add to your client's hair routine who needs a little extra TLC brought to their strands.

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