Keune 100 Days of Color: A Celebration of Excellence in Hair Care


Since 1922, Keune Hair Cosmetics has been a beacon of innovation and quality in the professional salon industry. As a third-generation family-owned global company located in Soest, Netherlands, Keune has garnered a reputation for sourcing the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing products with a deep understanding of the needs of hairstylists and their clients.

A Brief History of Keune Hair Cosmetics

Founded on the principles of excellence and family values, Keune Hair Cosmetics has grown from its humble beginnings to a global presence in more than 75 countries. What sets Keune apart is not just their exceptional products, but also their commitment to treating everyone like family. This personal touch is evident in everything Keune does, from product development to customer support. As an entrepreneurial family business that has been around for over 100 years, they know the business, and they see the potential.

The Keune Color Experience

Keune offers a wide range of products designed for all hair types and people. Among Keune's range of color products, two stand out for their exceptional quality and performance: Tinta and Semi. Both Tinta and Semi are loved by hair stylists for their ease of use, versatility, and exceptional results. Whether it's creating a bold new look or enhancing natural beauty, Keune's color products empower stylists to transform hair with confidence and creativity.


Tinta permanent color with 100% grey coverage is lovingly formulated with a rich silk protein base to protect the scalp. After use, hair is left soft and healthy. Includes also mix colors for ultimate creativity, and red infinity with Red Boosters. Backed by 100 years of science and 32 years of Tinta Color success, Keune proudly presented Tinta Color 2023: new colors, more sustainable packaging, and powerful results. Keune has scientifically proven that Tinta Color gives up to 75% more fiber nutrition to the hair. Another benefit? The newly added Nourishing Complex improves the conditioning effect for the softest hair color yet.


A powerful extract from red algae, Cocamide infused with Sea Silk, repairs damaged hair fibers and increases hydration. Their renewed formula deeply nourishes the hair, resulting in up to 55% more smoothness compared to untreated hair.* Semi Color's soothing complex comprises natural ingredients, Boswellia Serrata Gum and Bisabolol to protect and calm the scalp. These plant-derived ingredients reduce inflammation and soothe an itching scalp. Semi Color comes in a complete range of 75 colors for endless possibilities and creative options that are long lasting and offer up to 70% grey blending. They are easy to apply, thanks to the creamy base and are vegan, gluten-free, and ammonia-free. Expect incredible shine and deep conditioning from ingredients like sea bucktorn and sea milk.
* Based on scientific test results.

Why Hairstylists Love Keune

Hair stylists around the world trust Keune for its quality, craftsmanship, and commitment to excellence. Keune's products are designed with the stylist in mind, offering a range of colors, care products, and styling tools that cater to the unique needs of salon professionals. Moreover, Keune's commitment to education and inspiration ensures that stylists are always equipped with the latest trends and techniques to provide the best possible service to their clients. At Keune, they are on a mission for people, planet, and generations to come. They have a plan to follow and promises to keep.

Keune's Promises

  1. Treat You Like Family: As a 100% family-owned and operated company, Keune prioritizes personal relationships over profit margins. When you choose Keune, you become part of the family, and your success is their success.
  2. Designed for Salon Professionals: Keune understands that beautiful hair is an art form that requires expertise and skill. That's why all Keune products are designed to support and enhance the work of salon professionals.
  3. Quality Crafted Products: Keune's commitment to quality is unwavering. From research and development to manufacturing, every product is crafted with the highest standards to ensure optimal performance and results.
  4. Inspiration and Education: Keune is more than just a product company; it's a source of inspiration and education for salon professionals. From trend forecasts to hands-on workshops, Keune provides the tools and resources stylists need to stay ahead of the curve.
  5. Salon Support: Keune understands that every salon is unique, which is why they offer customized support to meet the specific needs of each salon. Whether it's marketing assistance or product training, Keune is here to help salons thrive.

Keune's Sustainability Strategy and Ambitions

Keune is committed to taking care of the planet and the people that inhabit it. That’s why they were named a Certified B Corporation. The B Corp certification is awarded to companies that meet the high standards of sustainability and social responsibility. Becoming a B Corporation is only one of many ways Keune says yes to a better tomorrow, a better planet, and a brighter future for all. Keune's sustainability strategy is built on three pillars: People, Production, and Products.
  1. People: Keune invests in the well-being and happiness of people all over the world, ensuring equal opportunities for all.
  2. Production: Keune is continuously improving its processes to reduce GHG emissions, energy use, water consumption, and waste in its factories.
  3. Products: Keune is dedicated to producing high-quality products with minimal environmental impact. By responsibly sourcing ingredients, improving recyclability, and increasing supply chain transparency, Keune is leading the way towards a more sustainable and circular economy.
  4. Cruelty-Free: Keune is proud to be a 100% cruelty-free company. Keune does not test its products or ingredients on animals and supports a vegan lifestyle by offering a range of vegan hair products.

In conclusion, Keune Hair Cosmetics is not just a hair care company; it's a family. With a rich history of excellence, a commitment to quality, and a focus on sustainability, Keune is leading the way in the professional salon industry. Whether you're a salon professional or a client, choosing Keune means choosing the best for your hair and the planet. See for yourself why stylists love Keune.