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How To Swim, Shower With Your New Hotheads Hair Extensions


Look in the mirror. You’re feeling good and want to continue riding the wave. What’s next? Extensions, naturally! So, now you’ve got extensions and you’re completely redefined. Your new hair is gorgeous. You’re feeling good. Everything is going great. Then, you look down and realize you’ve just gotten a text from your friend asking you if you want to go swimming later today.

Now you have questions, maybe more than one. Can I swim with hair extensions? How do I care for my extensions when swimming and showering? Luckily, the team at Premier Beauty Supply has created the following guide to prep your new Hotheads extensions for swimming, exercising, and hitting the showers afterward. Once you’re done reading, you’ll feel secure about keeping them healthy and looking great.

First, to prep for the pool, there are some extra steps you can take to protect and preserve the quality of your extensions. To get the most out of Hotheads extensions, properly brush them prior to getting them wet. Your brushing technique greatly impacts the life of your extensions, so proper care is essential. To properly distribute oils throughout the hair and optimize shine, use a brush with gentle bristles like the Hotheads Essential Extension Brush. This brush is made with boar bristle and is more soft and flexible than plastic brushes. To start, gather the hair and brush from the bottom up to protect your locks, always brushing downward. Then, once you’re ready to jump in, apply a small amount of the Hotheads Hydrate Conditioning Masque to your hair. This ensures the hair follicles absorb the nutrients of the mask rather than harmful chlorine or saltwater.

After you step out of the pool, make sure to thoroughly shampoo, condition, and rinse your hair to avoid long-term exposure to oils and chlorine, as this may cause bead slippage. The Hotheads hair care line is specially designed to give your extensions the nutrients needed after swimming or exercising to maximize their lifespan. More specifically, the Hotheads shampoo and conditioner formula is packed with ingredients to moisturize and protect. This keeps the hair looking full and nourished for longer. Since the shampoo and conditioner from Hotheads don’t contain alcohol, oil, sulfates, or ethanol, they’ll keep hair extensions healthy and strong. The hair care in this line cleanses the hair without stripping it of vital nutrients. Once you step into the shower, rest easy knowing there’s no need to worry about losing your extensions. In fact, washing your hair ensures that there’s not an excessive amount of oil, which makes your extensions more secure.

If you’re styling your hair after the pool, know that all Hotheads extensions can be heat styled using up to 350 F. If you’d like some added longevity, the team at Hotheads recommends that you use an added heat protectant, just as you would with your natural hair.

With proper care and treatment, you can make your Hotheads extensions last up to eight to 10 weeks. Have fun with your new look! If you’d like a place to purchase Hotheads extensions, log in or register at Premier Beauty to explore great deals.

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