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Give the Gift of Good Hair to Your Dad This Year


With the craziness of the global pandemic happening over the past 3 months, it’s hard to believe that Father’s Day is quickly approaching within the next couple of weeks. As you stand behind-the-chair yet again, or prepare to get back into the salon, you may be asking yourself, what gift should I purchase for one of the most important guys in my life this year? With celebration of the occasion and merging your passion for hair, you may want to consider giving your guy the gift of good hair this year.

We came up with a list from six of our incredible brands of products that the father figure in you or your client’s lives, will be sure to appreciate. Check out our product suggestions below and see why these Premier product picks are perfect for the men in your lives!

1. Ethica’s Corrective Daily Topical

Ethica is a brand that prides themselves on benefitting anyone’s hair, starting from the scalp. Specializing in hair growth, they have grown their brand into have a unique range of products that continue to keep hair feeling happy and healthy, no matter the length. One product that would be perfect for the guy in your life that might be going through some hair shedding is Ethica’s Corrective Daily Topical.

This made for men hair topical has the perfect formulation for men with moderate to advanced corrective needs. In other words, if the guy in your life’s hair is “thinning a bit on the top”, this is the ideal product for him. This topical helps hair accelerate the speed of growth and repair any damage to the hair follicles or scalp. After increased daily use of this product, you will be in awe of how fast your dad’s hair can grow!

2. GO 247’s Control Spray

Something that any guy can relate to; using a hairspray specially made for women as their go-to styling product. While this might be a good fix for now, don’t you want your man to use a product that was meant for his hair texture and not just yours? We have the solution: GO247’s Control Spray.

GO 247 is known for having luxury grooming products for the modern man. Created by the makers of the fan favorite brand UNITE, GO247 offers a complete men’s hair and face collection that will help any man create his own, personal style. GO247’s Control Spray helps keep men’s hair in place and looking good with its classic, heavy hold formula. This will ensure that your guy’s hair stays in place throughout the duration of wear, along with continue to make his hair look good enough where you may want to steal his hairspray!

3. 1922 by J.M. Keune Beard Balm

Once you get to a certain age, and have the ability to be called Dad, an ongoing trend is the outgrown beard. While your Dad may have been rocking this look since you’ve been 5, it might be a good idea to help him out of what more he can do to ensure the health of his beard if he’s going go continue to keep this look. That’s where 1922 Bb J.M. Keune’s Beard Balm comes into place.

Keune Hair Cosmetics created their men’s brand 1922 By J.M. Keune for barbers all over the globe to incorporate into the daily regimens of their male client’s lives. Working with their collection of shower, grooming, styling and color care products, Keune curated a range of products that specialize in men’s grooming. Their innovative Beard Balm brings men ultimate benefits to their beard hair, while also giving him a put-together look due to the active ingredients that this product is made out of. Starting with shea butter, this balm moisturizes and nourishes the beard’s hair, while sweet almond oil and coconut oil help to then keep it conditioned. As an added bonus, beeswax is added to the ingredients of this balm to give a natural hold to the shape of the beard, making your Dad look cleaned up with one quick and easy-to-use product.


Something that we love about KEVIN.MURPHY is how adaptable their hair products are with any type of hair. Whether you’re using their shampoos and conditioners, their styling or hair protective products, or even their color tubes and coloring products, KEVIN.MURPHY creates great products that are perfect for a variety of hair types. An area within their brand that we are especially in love with is their range of styling products and in particular their NIGHT.RIDER Maximum Texture Paste.

NIGHT.RIDER is perfect for any guy looking to style their hair with maximum control. This texture paste sets upon contact, giving the person styling about 90-seconds to work the product in. Designed to deliver a matte texture look, this texture paste seals in hair moisture to prevent hair breakage and gives hair an appearance of being healthier and full of shine. If your Dad is looking to add a little texture and movement into his daily look, while also keeping his hair looking cool as ever, this is the product for him.

5. Living Proof’s Full Shampoo & Conditioner

A problem that a lot of men seem to go through is not having that greasy, day 2 hair look. Instead of recommending your Dad go for the super-clean, bald look, have him check out Living Proof’s Full Shampoo and Conditioner set first.

Living Proof uses patented technology to ensure that hair stays cleaner longer, while also ensuring that it’s also making it healthier with increased use. That is why they refuse to use silicones in their hair care products due to the fact that, when used frequently, it causes hair to look weighed down, making you wash it more frequently and then causing long-term damage. That is where their Full Shampoo and Conditioner come in as the perfect alternative to your dad’s typical drug store brand.

Designed for a more sensitive scalp, the Full Shampoo is gentle, yet cleansing shampoo that helps transform fine, flat hair to look, feel and behave like naturally full, thick hair. As a second step, the Full Conditioner adds extra softness and shine to the hair, while continuing to add more thickness and fullness to the hair. This complete duo is perfect for anyone’s “old man” and his daily shower routine.

6. Loma’s Fortifying Reparative Tonic

Loma’s brand foundation begins with creating all natural, organically inspired infused hair care. Favoring in the direction of pure water and concentrated organic aloe vera, there products provide powerful results with a good conscience. That is why one of our favorite products to recommend for men from Loma is their Fortifying Reparative Tonic spray.

Every once in a while, your Dad’s hair can use a little TLC. That’s where this innovative repairing product comes into play. Loma’s Fortifying Reparative Tonic combines the best of hair protection with hair rejuvenation for silkier, more radiant hair. It helps repair, strengthen, and protect hair from further daily damage that it may go through. This is the perfect product to get for Dad to get his hair health back on track.


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