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ELEVEN Dry Finish Texture Spray: A Perfect Compliment to I Want Body


Dry Finish Texture Spray is the latest product from ELEVEN Australia and is already making waves (literally) among stylists, but many are wondering what this new spray brings to the table that I Want Body Texture Spray doesn’t already have.

While at first glance the two products might seem similar, they are actually complementary, giving clients the flexibility to get the texture and volume they want no matter what their day looks like. Here’s a look at how these two styling sprays compare.

Where I Want Body and Dry Finish Texture Spray Differ

I Want Body offers the best results when worked into damp hair and blown dry. Dry Finish Texture Spray, on the other hand, is intended for use exclusively as a dry styling product.

Dry Finish Texture Spray is ideal for creating volume and texture in dry hair at any time—not just after a wash. Apply on roots, mid-lengths, ends, or all over dry hair for instant texture!

Stylists love that Dry Finish Texture Spray instantly gives hair that lived-in look; the spray offers a light, flexible hold for effortless texture and volume. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein promotes strength, while Glycerin retains moisture and protects against frizz, and Zeolite creates texture.

As always, stylists and clients can expect the same high-quality and cruelty-free ingredients found in other ELEVEN Australia products.

ELEVEN Australia’s Dry Finish Texture Spray is a perfect complement to their classic I Want Body Texture Spray, allowing the flexibility to add volume and style at any time—even on the go.

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