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SESSION.SPRAY by KEVIN.MURPHY is a favorite finishing spray among stylists. The brand’s latest innovation—SESSION.SPRAY FLEX—brings all the performance of the original product, but offers a lighter, more flexible option.

We’re laying out the differences between these two finishing sprays.

Performance Factors

Both sprays provide a weightless and lasting hold without flaking. Each also brings excellent memory and resistance to humidity, while promoting shine and fighting static. The key differentiators in how SESSION.SPRAY and SESSION.SPRAY FLEX perform are:


SESSION.SPRAY is a strong hold finishing spray that provides an extra firm hold, making it ideal for styles that need to stay polished all day long under demanding conditions.

SESSION.SPRAY FLEX is a light, flexible finishing hairspray that offers a softer, more flexible hold without any crunch for natural-looking movement. Unique Memory Copolymers allow hair to move more freely, while still returning to the original style, which means that this hairspray has a more superior ‘holding memory’ than SESSION.SPRAY.

Drying Time

SESSION.SPRAY is an aerosol that takes a few seconds to dry.

SESSION.SPRAY FLEX is a flash-drying spray that goes on drier to minimize added moisture.

Moisture Retention

SESSION.SPRAY creates a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss and breakage. It can also treat and prevent further dryness resulting from excessive exposure to heat (plus, it protects color with a UV shield!)

SESSION.SPRAY FLEX achieves the perfect balance between improving hair’s moisture level without adding excess moisture. The product strengthens elasticity and encourages smoothness, all while protecting hair from external stressors. Both sprays are humidity resistant.


SESSION.SPRAY is available in 1.7 Oz., 3.4 Fl. Oz., and 11.4 Fl. Oz. sizes.

SESSION.SPRAY FLEX is available in 3.4 Fl. Oz. and 11.4 Fl. Oz. sizes.

How to Apply

Both products are applied after styling and can be used alone or in combination with other products.

SESSION.SPRAY is applied, allowing a few seconds to dry. Once the final shape and style are achieved, an additional spray is used to set the look for a lasting finish.

SESSION.SPRAY FLEX is a flash-drying spray, so it does not require the drying time that SESSION.SPRAY does. Shake well and spray for a lasting, flexible hold!


Each product contains a unique formulation of critical ingredients for high performance. Both are free of sulfates and parabens.


• Hedera Helix (Ivy) Extract seals in moisture to prevent breakage and dryness caused by increased exposure to heat.
• Citrus Reticulata (Tangerine) Peel Oil provides antioxidants and vitamins and protects hair from environmental damage.
• Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins incorporate vitamin C to maintain moisture levels and add shine.


• Memory Copolymers selectively bind to hair regions to create flexibility in the hold.
• Elasticity Blend consisting of:
• Olive Leaf Extract to strengthen hair.
• Grape Seed Extract to add moisture without weight.
• Green Tea Extract to promote flexibility.

Environmental Impact

SESSION.SPRAY is a low-VOC and CFC-free hairspray. It is also cruelty-free. KEVIN.MURPHY makes a financial contribution to reducing global carbon emissions for each can of SESSION.SPRAY sold.

SESSION.SPRAY FLEX is cruelty-free and approved by PETA. KEVIN.MURPHY makes a financial contribution to reducing global carbon emissions for each can of SESSION.SPRAY FLEX sold.


SESSION.SPRAY utilizes natural fragrance oils for a citrus scent.

Who Should Use It

Both products are suitable for use with all hair types.

KEVIN.MURPHY has revolutionized finishing sprays once again. SESSION.SPRAY FLEX offers a lighter-weight, faster-drying option for a flexible hold with all the benefits of the original SESSION.SPRAY, to finish every look from super polished to perfectly undone. Shop KEVIN.MURPHY products at Premier Beauty and pick up our SESSION.SPRAY FLEX Kit!

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