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ColorProof: Delivering So Much More Than Just Color Care


ColorProof made a name for themselves with their luxurious line of color care products, but there’s a lot more to the brand than many stylists realize; we’re taking a more in-depth look at the technology and ingredients behind the label.

The Technology

Stylists love ColorProof for their sulfate-free color protection, but few are aware of the many other benefits the brand’s revolutionary formulas provide. ColorProof’s extensive research and development initiatives have packed their products with several hard-hitting technologies that not only protect and retain color but actually improve hair quality.

Advanced Colorlast SystemTM

ColorProof’s Advanced Colorlast System is the workhorse behind color retention, providing full-spectrum protection from UVA/UVB rays with corn-derived Chromaveil® and sunflower-derived Heliogenol®.

Proprietary Surfactant Blend

A proprietary formulation of 11 natural, salt-free surfactants derived from coconut and palm sets ColorProof apart from other sulfate-free shampoos by gently cleansing hair with minimal color fade.

Protein Power Complex

A protein power complex derived from potatoes and soy works on repairing and strengthening hair from the inside out.

Flexshield Technology

Hair is protected up to an astonishing 450 degrees thanks to Flexshield Technology, which provides a protective polymer shield.

Botanical Infusions

A blend of Rosemary, Sage, Geranium, Shiitake Mushroom, and Yarrow revitalize hair with nourishment.

Benefits of the Technology

Technology means nothing without results, and ColorProof has proven to deliver:

Stronger Hair

ColorProof gives clients the stronger hair they’re looking for: An independent study showed that compared to regular shampoo, hair that was washed, conditioned, and masqued with ColorProof products was 320% stronger and more resilient against breakage.

Smooth and Frizz-Free Hair

ColorProof’s CrazySmooth Anti-Frizz Masque gives hair a super-smooth look—even in humid conditions; clients can expect hair that is 65% smoother after treatment.

Better Curl Retention

Curls hold their shape thanks to ColorProof’s TruCurl; a study showed that hair shampooed and conditioned with TruCurl retained curls up to 84% after a 50-stroke combing session!

ColorProof’s advanced technologies promote healthier, stronger, more beautiful hair, all while maximizing color retention. If that wasn’t enough, their products are designed to be twice as concentrated as the competition, so less product achieves the same results—just one 8.5 oz. shampoo bottle delivers up to 68 applications! Plus, their products are paraben-free and 100% vegan.

The brand is so confident in their technology that they offer a money-back guarantee (assuming that stylists purchase the products from an authorized retailer). Shop ColorProof products at Premier Beauty!

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