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Alfaparf Milano Brings Tertiary Reflections With Leonardo Shades


Alfaparf Milano’s recently released Evolution of the Color3 Leonardo Shades features six gorgeous new colors. Alfaparf took color a step further with the series by adding a tertiary tone to the mix, raising the bar in hair color.

Tertiary Reflections

Alfaparf took inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci—a man famous for pushing the boundaries of imagination and innovation while combining both science and art—to come up with something ultra-modern.

Unlike most traditional hair color with only two tones, each color in the new palette has a third tone. This third reflection adds another dimension, allowing for complex mixtures of blondes, copper, and browns. The various tones in each shade change as they interact with the light for a truly dazzling result.

The Shades:

The Leonardo Shades offer six brilliant colors that combine both warm and cool tones for a look that illuminates and stands out from the crowd:

Alfaparf Milano Dream Like Leonardo Shades

Alfaparf Milano had this to say on the new series:

“We celebrate those who know that creativity does not only have one form, only one time, only one color. Those who always set new goals for themselves and are guided by the flame of passion. Because we like those who dream on a grand scale and do not put any limits on their imagination.”

The third reflection and a look that embraces opposing tones in Alfaparf’s Evolution of the Color3 Leonardo Shades is a true representation of Leonardo Da Vinci. Each shade offers stunning color not possible without the brilliant combinations and contributions that Leonardo made to science and art.

View all the swatches below, and log in to shop the new shades on Premier Beauty today!

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