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8 Questions Answered About The New Keune Style Products


Retain clients without lowering prices on products or services. Start building out the salon’s styling offerings to increase service revenue and product sales with Keune’s new Style rebrand and launch.

In a survey of women 20- to 45-years-old that regularly visit the salon, 75% said they would be willing to pay for styling services and 59% would buy professional styling products if they got good styling advice, according to Keune.

We’re laying a foundation with the main things to know about the range, including what’s changed and what’s stayed the same, in our helpful guide to the new reinvented Keune Style.

What’s New About This Line?

The line that was formerly known as Keune Design has adopted the new name of Keune Style. The brand rereleased the complete styling range (29 products) along with eight modern looks (hairstyle tutorials to support in-salon styling come in our Won’t Go Out of Style and The Whole Kit and Caboodle introductory kits), nine new products, and redesigned packaging.

How Do I Read the Labels?

First, choose the right product for the stage of styling: Prep, Shape, and Finish. Use Prep to create a foundation on damp hair before blow-drying. All these products have heat protection up to 446 degrees F. Use Shape products for the working stage. These are the products that add personality with a shiny finish or a matte texture. Use Finish products for setting the style, shielding from humidity, or adding a bit more gloss, volume, and texture.

Keune Style Labels

Second, choose a color that matches the result. Keune Style contains eight categories with a unique end goal for each.

Purple - Curl
Blue - Fix
Orange - Gloss
Watermelon - Heat Protect
Green - Refresh
Pink - Smooth
Tan - Texture
Periwinkle - Volume

Keune Style Color Code

Third, choose a product based on the hold and shine factor. For example, the Freestyle Spray has a N°86 on its packaging, which means it has a hold factor of 8 and a shine factor of 6. 

Keune Hold and Shine Factor


What’s New With the Packaging?

Style’s packaging matches the Care range. The bottles are apothecary-inspired, to recall Keune’s beginnings, with rounded shapes, white caps, and labels. All products have a gray, soft-touch, matte finish that blends seamlessly into retail shelves and perfectly complements any stylist station with a modern touch.

How Will I Know When to Use Each Product?

Keune provided this handy reference guide to map out each stage of styling, along with the products that fit into each category.

Keune Style Range of Products

What are the New Products?

Instant Blowout N°37 - Speeds up blow-dry time.

Soft Mousse N°44 - Fine to normal hair.

Matte Cream N°62 - Modern, matte texture.

Dry Paste N°41 - Absorbs oil.

Sculpting Clay N°82 - Short to medium length hair.

Humidity Shield N°13 - Weightless, frizz-free finisher.

Dry Conditioner N°15 - Shiny, clean hair.

Dry Texturizer N°61 - Fresh hair with tousled texture.

Precision Powder N°31 - Spray applicator for accuracy.

What Products Changed Names?

Society Extra Forte Hairspray > Freestyle Spray
Keune Man Mineral Cream > Matte Cream
Design Sculpting Lotion > Blowout Gelée
Design Mousse Forte > Strong Mousse
Design Press Wax > Spray Wax
Design Ultra Forte Gel > Ultra Gel
Design Mineral Spray > Soft Set Spray
Design Shaping Hairspray > High Impact Spray
Design Graphic Hairspray > Liquid Hairspray

Have Any Products Been Reformulated?

Salt Mist
Root Volumizer
Soft Set Spray
Freestyle Spray
High Impact Spray
Dry Shampoo
Volume Powder

Have Any Products Been Discontinued?

Extreme Forte Gel
Texture Cream
Molding Paste
Jelly Wax
Society Hairspray Forte
Hair Beauty
Daily Use Shampoo
Blonde Enhancing Treatment
Color Care Shampoo
Color Care Conditioner
Color Care Treatment
Repair Shampoo
Repair Conditioner
Repair Treatment

Instead of discounting, take charge with a new strategy for in-salon styling with the new Keune Style line at Premier Beauty. Log in or register to start shopping.

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