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6 Before and Afters That Show the Power of b3 Brazilian Bond Builder on All Hair Types


Photo Courtesy of @hairerik on Instagram
Photo Courtesy of @hairerik on Instagram
Whether you’re performing a single-process color, a balayage, or a high lift and on-scalp bleach, mix b3 Brazilian Bond Builder into all color formulations. With no added processing time and an uncanny ability to reduce damage, using b3 means you have the freedom to great creative in your color services! See the transformative effects of b3 Brazilian Bond Builder below. 


b3 isn’t just for clients who are going blonde! Every color client will benefit from the use of b3. Because color services lift the cuticle layers, b3 reinforces and builds the bonds responsible for sealing those cuticle layers back together, so clients will see and feel remarkably healthier, stronger hair with every color service and longer lasting vibrant color. 

Nine-Hour Color Correction

What is it about this video that’s so satisfying? Maybe it’s knowing that @lisalovesbalayage and @ermaloveshair can do a mean color correction. We like how they break down the time in the caption. Remember quality before quantity. Spending six to eight hours on a double or triple process with a finished cut and style could spell out a lot more clients for you in the future. Remember that Brazilian Bond Builder allows you to perform color services with no added processing time, which means you don’t need to change your booking schedule. 

Creative Colors 

The video below isn’t a typical before and after, but we’re showing you this to remind you that b3 doesn’t change your color formulas! When using b3 with lightening services, there is no need to bump your developer. When performing single-process color such as base color/toner/gloss services you will continue using your original mixing ratio and add the appropriate amount of b3 according to our manufacturer instructions.

Asian Hair 

Here’s a tip we learned from Hairstylist and Colorist, Linh Phan (@bescene), when it comes to working with Asian hair: Damp hair allows for a better blend and is easier to manage, meaning you can work faster. “Also, just neutralizing may not be enough when working on warm Asian undertones—you may have to overcompensate and add more green or violet, for example. Finally, I don’t pre-tone Asian hair because it makes the base too dark,” according to an article from Behind the Chair. 


* PATIENCE * Transforming Asian, Ethnic, level 2, grown out ombres to PLATINUM BLONDE is in my opinion one of the most difficult tasks to take on as a hairstylist. The most important lesson I've learned in doing these day in and day out is you and your client must be patient. Educate your client about their hair and include them on this journey you both will be taking together. Don't rush your application and use clean sections. Practice makes perfect. I used all @schwarzkopfusa & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 the entire step of the way. * it took me 3 processes to achieve this color * this look was styled by @c00lidc 👌 #BESCENE #transformationtuesday #beforeandafter #transformation #behindthechair #btconeshot_colortransformation18

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Damaged Strands 

At-home bleaching can take a toll on the hair, as seen below. With Brazilian Bond Builder, you’re giving clients noticeably healthier hair and better results. Because of this, you can confidently raise your color service prices. On average, salons are raising their color service prices by 35 percent and often more. 


The consistency of your lightener is important. If it’s too runny or too stiff, it can cause problems. Know that with b3 you can add more bleach powder until you reach the desired consistency—no need to bump up your developer. We recommend that you mix your bleach and developer first, using a 1:2 ratio, before adding the correct amount of b3 to your color formulation, based on the service you’re performing. Paint away and get results like these.

Hair by @hairbyjtlapek on Instagram

b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is for all hair types! Shop the entire line at Premier Beauty.

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