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Your Hands Deserve the BEST! Everyday Hand Care Tips for Stylists


With the holidays just around the corner, it’s hard not to notice that salon books are filling up fast. With clients taking advantage of more appointments, stylists are spending later nights and longer hours behind the chair.

Stylists must take a moment now and then for themselves to stay on top of the game throughout the busy season, so they don’t fall apart during the holidays. This means taking frequent water breaks and remembering to feed themselves (no, coffee doesn’t count as a meal). Each stylist must also take care of the daily tools they use to work their magic: the hands.

A love for hairstyling is hard on the hands. This can be evident through dry, irritated skin and achy finger joints. To avoid this, stylists should stop using bad products. Your hands are the money makers—it’s essential to buy products that keep them in great shape. With various ways to keep them moisturized, flexible, and comfortable in and out of the salon, the Premier Beauty team has listed some of the most impactful ways to keep hands protected, so they will be feeling nourished all season long.

Use Latex-Free Gloves

First, make sure that the salon is stocked up with disposable, latex-free gloves to use when working with hair dyes and various lighteners. Latex-free gloves are gentler on the hands and are less likely irritate the skin, keeping hands smooth throughout the workday.

A great option of latex-free gloves found at Premier is Framar’s Crystal Clear Disposable Vinyl Gloves. These high-quality styling gloves are powder-free, which are easier on the skin for long-term wear. They create a substantial barrier to protect your hands from those irritating lighteners that colorists work with daily.

If you’re looking for more options, another great latex-free glove that Premier loves is the Clear Vinyl Disposable Gloves - Powder Free by Product Club. These gloves are made with the same high-quality material vinyl and will glide smoothly through your client’s hair during their appointment.

Dry Hands Carefully

Since washing hands happens so frequently in a hairstylist’s day, try patting the hands dry instead of rubbing them when at the sink. Patting ensures that the skin is retaining essential oils and moisture, causing fewer dryness or irritation areas.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

After washing hands clean, we suggest using a product that keeps hands hydrated and moisturized all day to ensure your hands’ maximum capabilities. LEAF & FLOWER offers a CBD Maximum Pain Releaf lotion made with natural CBD from the hemp plant. This lotion contains no THC, so you’ll be able to perform your job normally while enjoying the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD. Lather this moisturizer on throughout the day and at night to keep your joints nimble and your skin hydrated.

Stretch To Stay Strong

Doing a little yoga that focuses on your back, arms, and hands is a great way to unwind and keep your body feeling good for the next workday. Stylists frequently have to stand and work with their hands, which means a lot of potential pain, achiness, or irritation throughout the day.

Practice Yoga to Strengthen Arms, Back, and Hands
To maintain flexibility and joint health, it’s a great idea to loosen up the muscles at the end of the day with some gentle yoga poses. Some great ones that we recommend include Happy Baby and Eagle Arms, which both loosen up and stretch the entire body. Soon enough, you’ll be floating through your shift with soothed and refreshed muscles after practicing these moves daily.

Keep hands, and the rest of your body, in tip-top shape during this busy season, especially with all that extra hand washing and time on your feet. Your hands are your job, so it’s vital to keep them hydrated, healthy, and happy. For other great tools to protect your skin, check out the Self-Care category page on the Premier Beauty website.


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