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New Year, New Hair Resolutions – What your clients are looking for in 2021?


New Year, New Hair Resolutions – What your clients are looking for in 2021?
New Year, New Hair Resolutions – What your clients are looking for in 2021?
Going to get your hair done can be intimidating. For the faint of heart, many have a hard time communicating with their hairstylist. They’re touching your hair, and you want them to like you. However, this people-pleasing can be a significant roadblock in the Client/Stylist relationship. For the new year, make it a resolution to improve your client’s communication with you and, as a result, improving their hair. Here’s what your client wishes they could tell you, but they’re not sure how.

1. They want to feel pampered.

For some, getting your haircut is a moment to treat yourself. With the right attitude and tools, going to the salon can be a therapeutic experience that can make your clients eager to come back for more. One way to get your clients to sit back and relax is with a soothing Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask. This mask repairs the client’s hair while enjoying the soothing scents of argan oil.

2. They’re Trying to Be Easy Going

A lot of clients might give you the dreaded “do whatever.” This comment, while well-intended, can send you spiraling. You can’t read their mind so that it might lead to a back-and-forth 21 Questions situations of, “Color? Perm? Buzzcut?”. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to let your client know that the more specific they are, the more likely you’re both going to be happy. If they tell you that they’re struggling with frizz, encourage them to take home Keune’s Style Defrizz Serum N17.

3. They Want to Take The Plunge.

If your client is thinking about taking a big step with their hair, encourage them! If they show you a picture that seems unrealistic, be honest, and tell them that a particular style might not work on them and show them a similar alternative. The relationship between stylist and client should be full of open communication. That way, the client gets what they want, and the stylist can do their job.

4. They Want to Know What They’re Doing Wrong.

There’s a serious possibility that your client is getting haircare advice from Pinterest. That’s great, but there’s no professional monitoring of whether or not that’s the proper regimen for them. Encourage your client to consult with you where you discuss the best action plan for their hair. Those clients with hair that especially need a little R&R use the ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment and Kevin.Murphy’s HYDRATE-ME.WASH.

5. They’re Feeling a Little Thinned Out

Dealing with thinning hair is a prevalent thing. However, many clients are hesitant to admit that they’re facing this issue. If you find that your client is having similar struggles, try offering them Ethica’s Daily Anti-Aging Stimulating Shampoo. This shampoo contains a powerful yet gentle formulation that maximizes potential hair count, leaving them with a thicker, fuller head of hair.

Once your Client/Stylist relationship improves, you’ll be able to understand better what your client wants. That means your client is happier, which means less stress on you. For more great products to repair your client’s hair, check out our website.

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